ZEISS Seeks Participants for "Passion for Birding" Photo Shoot with Simon King in Portugal

Wanted: Passionate Birders

We are currently looking for avid birders who would like to join us on a trip to Portugal as part of the a photo shoot for some new ZEISS products. This is an opportunity to enjoy beautiful landscapes, rare birds and a memorable journey with people who share your passion. BBC presenter and naturalist Simon King will be on hand to share his in-depth experience of the natural world.

If you meet the requirements and are keen to be one of the faces of our birding event, then we would be glad for you to join us for a few days in Portugal for our professional photo shoot. We are looking for five people who can contribute a real passion for birding. A professional photographer will capture the key moments of the trip, and there will be plenty of time to share birding experiences with Simon King. ZEISS will cover the cost of accommodation and travel.


To make sure we get a broad selection of committed birders, we would like to learn a little more about you. Please compose a brief email explaining why you would be a great choice for this trip, including the following content, and send it to info .sportsoptics .de @zeiss .com



  • Title for e-mail subject line: "Passion for Birding"
  • A brief introduction including your age, profession and a picture
  • Details of how long you’ve been involved in birding
  • What are your favorite locations and sites for birding



If you would like to be one of the faces of our birding event and join us on our trip to Portugal, then please send us your email by November 16. Our jury consists of Simon King, our Creative Director, the PR manager and the Birding Marketing Manager of ZEISS Sports Optics. The jury will pick authentic Birders from the selection of candidates. We are looking for four different types that represent a cross section of the Orni scene. The final decision is effected by experience, naturalness and authenticity of the candidates. Also they are looking for representatives of various age groups.


The winners will be notified by 25th November 2014.