Spotting Scopes

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Victory PhotoScope

  • Is there an AV in/out interface?

    No, there is no direct AV interface for live transmission of images on a television, because this is primarily a device for outdoor use.

Victory DiaScope

  • How does the Dual Speed Focus work?

    The Dual Speed Focus combines two focussing speeds in one knob. If you rotate the knob to the left or right, you will feel a little resistance in the outer areas. Within this area, you are in fine mode.
    If you rotate through this resistance, you are in coarse mode. As soon as you change the direction in coarse mode, you are in fine mode again. Try this principle a few times. It is very easy and can be operated quickly and intuitively.


  • What is the transmission of the Dialyt spotting scope in comparison to the DiaScope models?

    It is not possible to compare the Dialyt and DiaScope, because the devices are in different classes: The DiaScope has been designed for the best viewing experience without compromise and offers a range of interchangeable eyepieces for all applications. The Dialyt, in contrast, is reduced to the basics in order to be used quickly - even in adverse conditions - and to quickly recognise fine details at a great distance. The Dialyt is therefore for identification and not for visual experience. Compact dimensions, low weight, maximum robustness and not least an acceptable price - these are the Dialyt qualities. Both devices offer extremely high transmission values for their respective class.

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