Marine 7x50 GA T* Binoculars

Robust, calm image despite high seas

For water-sports and professional seafaring, this classic binocular is still the obvious choice. The 7x50 GA T* Marine nautical binoculars satisfy all requirements in terms of robustness, stability and simple, single-handed operation while providing you with a stable image, however unsteady the ground under your feet may be. These binoculars have something to offer nature observers too. Along with obvious areas of application such as whale watching out at sea, these binoculars are equally impressive on land due to their brightness and the wide field of view.

  • Highlights

    Here you find the top features of the Marine binoculars.

    The classic 7x50

    Tried and tested magnification and a large eye relief, guaranteeing comfortable observation.

    Classic Porro design

    A short design with a low centre of gravity offers high stability even in a strong swell. Naturally, these binoculars are fully waterproof too.

    Bright images

    Low light lenses, highly transparent prisms and modern coatings ensure bright, high-contrast images.

  • Features

    7x50 – the classic on the high seas

    A 7 x magnification ensures an extremely stable image, even on a rolling ocean. The large eye relief of over 7 mm makes for comfortable observation, without losing sight of the target due to a strong swell. A specialist classic with a top notch reputation.

    Classic Porro design

    The short, robust, classic Porro design gives these binoculars a low centre of gravity for high stability in a strong swell. This means you can set them down securely and pick them up again easily, even with gloves or wet hands.

    Impressively bright images

    The reason for the bright, clear images lies in the classic optical concept of these standard maritime binoculars. A large eye relief of 7.1 mm, the highly transparent Porro prisms and the modern Carl Zeiss T* coating provide bright, high-contrast images, especially on the water, where natural contrasts tend to disappear.

    Individual eyepiece adjustment

    The image sharpness can be adjusted separately for the left and right eyes. Once focussed on the middle distance, you can look further afield without having to refocus. In this way, the 7x50 binoculars deliver the images you want quickly without the need for lengthy focussing.

  • Models

    Marine 7x50 GA T*

    The 7x50 GA T* Marine nautical binoculars are perfect for use at sea. The magnification and eye relief ensure a well-balanced observation experience. The wide field of view and the brightness of these binoculars make them of huge interest for nature observation on land too. A steady image and a distant focusing range offer huge benefits for observation at long range in rough terrain to help in finding birds and shy animals hiding in the bushes.

    Technical data

    Here you find all technical data about the Marine 7x50 GA T*

    Magnification7 x
    Effective Lens Diameter50 mm
    Exit Pupil Diameter7.1 mm
    Twilight Factors18.7
    Field of View at 1000m130 m
    Apparent Field of View 52 °
    Close Focus6.5 m
    Diopter Adjustment Range +9 | -6 dpt
    Pupil Distance 53 - 78 mm
    Eye Relief 18 mm
    Lens TypeAchromat
    Sealed against spray wateryes
    Nitrogen Fillingno
    Functional Temperature in °C -20 | +40 °C
    Height144 mm
    at an eye width of 65 mm
    215 mm
    Weight in Use1200 g
    Order Number525505


    The Marine 7x50 GA T* is suitable for

    Less suitable Very suitable
    Nature observation
    Outdoor activities
  • Questions & Answers

    Questions & Answers

    • What do the abbreviations mean?

      Meaning of the abbreviations


      Binoculars or spotting scopes with glasses that contain fluoride (FL) for sharper, higher contrast images with significantly reduced chromatic aberrations; Fluoride Lenses; a special, high-quality sub-category of the ED lenses


      Previously used to designate Dialyt binoculars with rubber armour


      ZEISS T* Multi-layer coating for extremely high transmission and low reflex susceptibility


      ZEISS Multi-layer coating (multi coating)


      P / P*
      Phase correction coating on the roof prisms, which provide a higher resolution of the finest detail structures. All ZEISS binoculars with roof prisms use this coating


      Previously used to designate binoculars that can be worn by people who wear glasses.
      Now all ZEISS binoculars and spotting scope eyepieces are suitable for people who wear glasses, so the "B" designation is no longer used


      Binoculars with mechanical image stabilisation


      Extra low Dispersion = low chromatic aberrations


      High Definition. HD is not a type of lens. Instead it describes the result of the ED lenses: very good resolution


      High Transmission = lenses by Schott with very good transmission properties.



      Smart Focus = Conventional binoculars require the focusing wheel to be turned 2.5 times in order to switch from the close focus to the maximum observation distance. The VICTORY SF only requires the wheel to be turned 1.8 times.