Always a topic: diopter compensation on binoculars

Diopter compensation corrects different prescriptions in the left and right eyes, to enable fatigue-free observation and a razor-sharp image in both.

To make the diopter setting, look through the binoculars with your left eye only and focus the left side with the center drive. The image on the right should then also be clear. If not, focus the right side using the setting wheel for the diopter compensation. It's as easy as that.

Please note the following:

a)If you look through binoculars while wearing glasses, the diopter compensation should be set to zero. Differences between the left and right eyes are corrected through the glasses.

b)If your prescription for both eyes is +2 diopters, the diopter compensation is also zero. The difference – and this is what matters – is in this case zero.

c) The diopter compensation is set once and corrects individual visual defects – and these do not change. For different distances, turn the center drive, the diopter compensation has nothing to do with this.

d)Simple prescription deviations – not astigmatism or other eye defects – can be corrected via the binocular settings. In this case, it is better to use glasses.
Therefore, do not forget: turn the eyecups so that the eye relief is restored and you can see the entire field of view.