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louhunting, huntress and ZEISS ambassador

"When using ZEISS products, you simply notice that they were not designed and developed at a desk, but with a great deal of real-world experience."

Lou has been a passionate huntress for 12 years and has been an ambassador for ZEISS for several years. She shares her hunting experiences on Instagram on her profile louhunting. In this way, she combines her passion for hunting and nature with her love of photography and impressively captures impressions of game, the forest, nature, and light in her images. In the evening, when the day is slowly fading away and the peace and quiet of the hunting ground returns, louhunting roams the territory with her German Shorthaired Pointer Lotta. The two are a well-rehearsed team. To louhunting, thermal imaging devices are an indispensable visual aid for ethical hunting and at the same time offer the ability to observe wild animals, even from a greater distance, without disturbing them unnecessarily. Whether on a late evening walk around the hunting ground or on a daytime driven hunt, ZEISS equipment has been her indispensable companion on the hunt for many years.

The practical considerations and many years of experience behind ZEISS products immediately reveal themselves when out on a hunt."

Field-proven hunting companions

As a ZEISS ambassador, louhunting stands in close contact with our ZEISS colleagues. Over the course and especially at the end of a development process, sometimes a fresh and hands-on look at the product and its functionalities is needed. This is why our ZEISS ambassadors frequently have the opportunity to test products before they are released on the market, and their valuable feedback is incorporated into further development. Is the focusing wheel still a bit too stiff or is the display still too bright? The smallest differences reveal themselves during the hunt and can mean the difference between success and failure.

In tense hunting situations, the importance of being able to operate thermal imaging equipment intuitively and effortlessly quickly becomes apparent."

Trusting your intuition

Thanks to her many years of experience, hardly anything can faze louhunting. Not only do the routine hand movements have to be spot on, but you also have to have confidence in your own skills and in the equipment. Operating the thermal imaging devices needs to be intuitive and ideally silent and inconspicuous. This is why louhunting particularly appreciates the practical handling and the well thought-out small details in the ergonomics of ZEISS thermal imaging devices.

What’s behind this concept?

Our hunting equipment is put to the test in tough conditions – this is where long-lasting ZEISS quality really shines."

Quality and durability

The bumpy ride over dirt roads, braving heavy rains or the freezing cold – louhunting not only demands everything from herself, but also from her equipment. To prove themselves over a long period of time, ZEISS thermal imaging devices have to withstand numerous tests in the lab and in the field – so hunters like louhunting can completely rely on their precision equipment.

What do such tests look like and why is the products’ exceptional image quality indispensable to an ethical hunt?

Hunting tradition and customs are very important to me. I believe, however, that the digitalization of hunting doesn’t contradict this, but instead helps us to hunt responsibly."

Technological advancement meets tradition

Digitalization is a part of our everyday lives, and hunting is no exception. Today, new digital technologies support the once analog skill and provide safety when it matters most. When it comes to louhunting, for example, the ZEISS Hunting app provides important information about her hunting ground and helps her when zeroing in her thermal imaging clip-on thanks to the app’s zeroing assistant.

How was this ZEISS zeroing assistant developed and why did customer feedback play a particularly helpful role?

Today's technology helps makes many tasks necessary for an ethical hunt much safer. Especially at night, you gain a visual aid that you otherwise simply wouldn’t have as a human being."

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