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Marc Petry, hunter and Customer Care employee

"As a hunter myself, I’m especially good at understanding our customers’ challenges and always helping them with practical tips."

Marc Petry got his hunting license early on, when he was only 15. Whether on a driven hunt or relaxing together in the hunting lodge – he particularly appreciates the opportunity to spend time with his hunting friends. Going out into nature and experiencing it in all its facets, from a state of deep relaxation straight to unbelievably exciting moments – that’s what hunting is all about for Marc. His own hunting experience doesn’t just benefit him when he’s out in the hunting ground. He’s been providing advice and support to our customers as a ZEISS Customer Care employee for many years now, and can always has the right solution with tips directly from his own hands-on experience.

What’s important when out on a hunt is different from what’s important on the developer’s drawing board. This feedback is particularly valuable to the development of our new products."

The ZEISS zeroing assistant: developed from customer feedback and hands-on testing

As a hunter himself, Marc is familiar with day-to-day hunting routine. These hands-on experiences combined with his years of experience and numerous conversations with customers provide the crucial practical input for the development of upcoming ZEISS products.

Before heading out to the hunting grounds, for example, the rifle, scope, and clip-on need to be precisely zeroed in. In the past, however, this exact zeroing process was often laborious and time-consuming, as many of Marc’s customers reported to him in Customer Care. This is precisely where ZEISS’s own zeroing assistant now provides a remedy.

With the shift from strictly optical products to optoelectronic devices, those of us in Customer Care are now experiencing a particularly exciting phase in which we can bring our expertise to bear."

From traditional optics to fully connected optoelectronic products

Digitalization is omnipresent in our everyday lives, and the same is true of hunting. As a result, an increasing number of hunters today are relying on digital tools to help them hunt safely and ethically. This starts with the digital hunting weather report on their smartphone and extends to the fully connected clip-on with app-supported zeroing assistant. This is dramatically changing the demands on our products and requires a complete transformation from traditional targeting and observation optics to fully digitally connected products.

For ZEISS Customer Care, this also means a significantly expanded service offering. The focus is now on a holistic concept of service. From the first individual product consultation to continuous firmware updates to sensor cleaning – and all done in-house at our ZEISS workshop in Wetzlar, Germany, with short distances and even shorter waiting times.

My job requires me to know our products and their applications inside out – this is a wealth of knowledge that sets us apart here at ZEISS."

Advising customers on the best products for their needs thanks to years of experience

As an experienced hunter, Marc is in good company at ZEISS. Marc has a wealth of ZEISS expertise gained over many years, which he puts to good use day in and day out during his numerous conversations with customers, always helping them find the right product for their needs. Today, it’s no longer enough to know which pair of binoculars offers the right level magnification for a certain application. Parameters such as sensor resolution, zoom level, or NETD also play a crucial role in the correct choice of a thermal imaging device. What’s behind all this?

To me, hunting means living and experiencing fellowship, sharing knowledge and, at the end of a successful hunt, swapping stories about the most exciting and exhilarating moments."

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