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Anyone who has hunted in the mountains knows about the beauty and at the same time the challenge of this unique world. It not only places particularly high demands on the physical fitness and shooting skills of the hunter, but also allows no compromises when selecting your equipment.

In addition to suitable footwear, a trekking pole and a rucksack, the basic equipment includes a rifle suitable for mountain hunting in a caliber suitable for mountain game, as well as easy-to-use observation and target optics with high magnification. In addition, a rangefinder is essential for long-distance hunting.

Uphill and downhill -

What do you have to consider when shooting at an angle?

The greatest challenge when hunting in the mountains is often the unfamiliar shooting position uphill or downhill. Gravity only leads to a limited extent to the usual downward trajectory, as with a horizontal shot. Instead, it either slows down the projectile or accelerates it, depending on whether you're shooting uphill or downhill.

From a vertical shot at an angle of 35°, the proportion of gravity can be reduced to 82%. The consequence of this is the decrease in the bullet drop and thus often shot over the intended bullet impact. The illustration shows the line of sight and the trajectory of the angle shot, which leads to the supposed high shot.

For steep shots at long distances, the old rule "up and down the hill - holdover!" should always be observed when hunting in the mountains. In our blog article "The shot uphill or downhill" you can find a practical test that accurately shows the effects of the angle shot.

First focal plane vs. second focal plane riflescopes

The reticle in the riflescope can be positioned in the first or in the second image plane. For long-range and mountain hunting a first focal plane riflescope holds some advantages.

When stalking,
every gram counts.

Physical stress due to impassable terrain

When hunting in the mountains, you not only have to aim for long distances, you also have to cover long distances on foot. Due to ascents and rough terrain, not only physical fitness, surefootedness and a head for heights are decisive, but also the weight of the equipment, as it has to be carried for a long time. For this reason, light and yet robust equipment is essential.

ZEISS SFL binoculars

The ZEISS SFL binoculars (SmartFocus Lightweight) are optimized to be as lightweight and compact as possible. Yet, they offer a high level of optical performance. The new Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) Concept ensures true-to-life color reproduction and the highest level of detail. Thanks to its SmartFocus Concept, the focus wheel is perfectly positioned and enables fast and precise focusing – even with gloves on. The optimized ergonomics and a large exit pupil allow for a relaxed and undisturbed viewing experience.

Safe and clean
shot placement at all distances.

ZEISS Victory RF

The ZEISS Victory RF rangefinder enables measurements to be taken in a matter of seconds at a range of up to 2,300 meters. Based on the distance to the target, the integrated self-sufficient ballistics calculator calculates the correct point of aim, taking into account the angle, temperature and air pressure. The angular and long-range shots characteristic of mountain hunting can be optimally implemented with this piece of equipment.

The Victory RF family consists of four models: the Victory RF 8x42 and 10x42 for day hunting and the Victory RF 8x54 and 10x54 for hunting until dusk.

ZEISS Harpia Spotting Scope

These spotting scopes deliver an absolutely sharp viewing image with natural color fidelity, even at maximum magnification. Thanks to its unique, 72° wide-angle field of view throughout the entire 3× zoom range, the unrivalled dynamic of the Victory Harpia guarantees superior performance at long or short distances in every unexpected viewing situation.

ZEISS Victory RF connected with Hunting App

The ZEISS Victory RF can be connected to the ZEISS Hunting App using the Bluetooth connection. Up to 9 different profiles can be transmitted to the rangefinder via the app.

With the help of the ZEISS Hunting App, personal ballistic profiles can be stored with your own combination of ammunition and riflescope. With each measurement, all relevant factors are now included in the live ballistics calculation.

ZEISS Hunting App

Frequently hunting from a raised hide in the same area can result in high hunting pressure that causes game to avoid the area in question altogether. Record all relevant game activities in your hunting ground using the ZEISS Hunting app as your digital diary. 

ZEISS Hunting App

Connected products

Connect and configure the ZEISS Victory Rangefinder and ZEISS DTC 3 thermal imaging clip-ons via Bluetooth and the ZEISS DTI 3 thermal imaging cameras via WLAN.

ZEISS Hunting App

Add Friends

Easily share your hunting ground with other hunters. You set the permissions for everyone involved. Use the hunting ground's "bulletin board" to communicate tasks and leave important messages for your friends.

ZEISS Hunting App

Hunting Journal

Stay connected with your hunting party by sharing your jounal entries with the entire group. Simply create a new "group" and invite your friends. Now you can share your hunting success with your entire hunting party.

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