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Winter hunting can be the best time for hunting over any other season – if you can get over the cold.  Whether you are out stalking or hunting from an enclosed high seat – the low temperatures are demanding for you and your equipment. Make sure that you are prepared – especially when you are hunting in the darkness.

Cold Weather Layering
Cold Weather Layering
What is the best way to dress for a night on the high seat in winter?

If you want to hunt in winter on high seats, you have to be prepared for all weather conditions. Biting cold, harsh wind and wet days appear very often. One principle in particular has proven its worth: the technique, where you use several layers of clothes to keep yourself warm!

Easy to use with gloves
Easy to use with gloves
Why is highly tactile hunting gear especially important in the winter?

A good pair of gloves is a must on your winter hunting gear list. They will help your hands stay warm and avoid your fingers getting stiff. While gloves are essential in the winter, they prevent you from “feeling” your equipment. Precise adjustments on your riflescope provide you with absolute assurance of making the most accurate shots possible. Therefore, pay attention that your hunting gear will still provide you with a good grip when wearing gloves.

Reliable Identification in twilight
Reliable Identification in twilight
Should I add a thermal imager to my hunting equipment?

Adding a thermal imager to your hunting equipment, does have some benefits especially when hunting in the winter with longer dark hours. A thermal imager allows you to see in any lighting conditions - Day and Night. You can detect where the animals are from a very long distance. Classic binoculars on the other hand, provide a natural image which you do not need to learn how to interpret correctly. You do not need to remember charging your binoculars. And if you decide to invest into a high-end brand product with a high light transmission, it will be a reliable hunting companion for generations to come. The decision whether to invest in a thermal imager should be based on your hunting behavior and your hunting grounds.

ZEISS Winter Hunting Products

In the long dark winter hours, it is highly important to positively identifying the target before pulling the trigger. Reliable and high-quality optics are essential for a successful hunt.

Weather, terrain, technique

How to have a successful wild boar hunt – Guaranteed!

For wild boar hunters, many factors are decisive for success in the hunting ground. In addition to right equipment, one thing is particularly important: understanding the behavior of the boars and sows. What time of day is most effective? How does the phase of the moon affect their behavior? And what role does the wind play?

Learn the five best tips for a successful wild boar hunt!

ZEISS Hunting App

Frequent high-seat hunting in the same area can generate high hunting pressure, which prompts the game to avoid the area in question all together. Track all relevant game activities in your hunting ground using the ZEISS Hunting App. Learn more.

ZEISS Hunting App

Hunting grounds

Create maps of hunting grounds and manage them from the app or your browser. Conveniently mark important locations on the map and display your current position as a useful aid to orientation in the field.

ZEISS Hunting App

Add friends

Easily share your hunting grounds with other hunters. You define the authorizations for everyone involved. On the hunting grounds bulletin board, you communicate tasks and leave important messages for your fellow hunters.

ZEISS Hunting App

Diary entries

Stay connected with your hunting party by sharing your diary entries the entire group. Simply create a new ‘group’ and invite your friends to join. Now, you will be able to share your hunting success with your entire hunting party.

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