Handle the night.

Clear target identification in the hours of darkness.

ZEISS – The night hunting expert.

Developing hunting optics for around 120 years.

Hunting at dusk or at night places far higher demands on the observation and target optics than hunting during the day. Brilliant, high-contrast and sharp images are indispensable for reliably spotting the game. Binoculars and riflescopes from ZEISS are considered to be the brightest on the market. They offer especially in difficult lighting conditions the decisive advantage to guide you to your hunting success.


ZEISS has always been a pioneer in the development of hunting optics. The milestones include the Abbe-König prism that is still used today, the T * anti-reflective coating and transmission values of 95% – achieved for the first time by the Victory HT series. ZEISS has been a pioneer in the field of riflescopes for hunting since 1904 ... and today holds the record of the world's finest red dot.

1901 – Abbe-König Prism

In the early morning or late evening hours it gets busy in the hunting grounds. The most important tool for hunting in difficult lighting conditions is a bright pair of binoculars. When it comes to maximum image brightness, the "Abbe König prism" is the choice. Why? This optical design allows an image reversal without loss of light. The result is a uniformly bright, and high-resolution image. Learn more

1921 – ZEISS Zieldovier

Riflescopes with illuminated dot reticles are an integral part of everyday hunting. They support quick target acquisition and increase the contrast in darkness. ZEISS introduced its first riflescope with switchable magnification and attachable reticle illumination already in 1921. Learn more

1935 – ZEISS Single-Layer Coating

Anti-reflective coating to increase the light transmission on glass surfaces.

1979 – ZEISS T* Multi-Layer Coating

Binoculars and riflescopes from ZEISS are considered to be the brightest on the market worldwide. They offer the decisive advantage when hunting, especially in difficult lighting conditions. This is closely linked to the term T* antireflex coating – a synonym for maximum light output and brightest images. Learn more

1990 – ZEISS Diavari ZM/Z T*

First riflescope with an illuminated reticle suitable for twilight.

1993 – ZEISS Night Vision 5.6x60 N

For almost 120 years, ZEISS has been a pioneer and driver of innovation in the field of high-quality hunting optics – above all in the development of bright and robust binoculars and riflescopes. So the expansion of the portfolio with a night vision device of the highest technology was the logical consequence. Learn more

1998 – ZEISS Varipoint Riflescopes

Riflescopes with the first daylight capable luminous spot.

2003 – ZEISS Victory NV 5.6x62 T*

Night vision device using an electronic residual light intensifier. Learn more

2012 – ZEISS Victory HT

Maximum light transmission and the world’s finest illuminated dot. Learn more

2020 – ZEISS DTI 3/35

First thermal imaging camera by ZEISS delivers unique hunting experiences and unforgettable moments, even in difficult lighting conditions. Learn more

2020 – Shot-Proof when used with ‘Clip-On’ Attachments

Extensive tests in the laboratory and in the field prove that all ZEISS riflescopes are suitable to use with ‘clip-on’ attachments. Learn more

ZEISS Night Hunting Products

Hunting at night demands outstanding powers of vision and leaves little room for compromises. This is why dedicated hunters around the world place their complete trust in ZEISS hunting optics. Night hunting can only be successful when one can count on their equipment at the decisive moment. The right optics is essential for ethical night hunting. After all, in darkness, it is almost impossible to rely solely on your unaided powers of vision.


Handle the night. Thanks to intuitive ergonomics.

When hunting, the most exciting moments often occur after sunset – when the shadows of the night offer game natural camouflage. The ZEISS DTI 3/35 thermal imaging camera is specially developed for hunting. Its excellent optics deliver detailed images, even in the darkness, allowing hunters to accurately identify their target for greater hunting success.

High-precision zoom

The fine, gradual zoom adjustment in 0.5 increments offers the perfect combination of magnification and detail recognition for reliable spotting.

Perfect ergonomics

Thanks to the ErgoControl operating concept and its intelligent placement of the buttons, each function can be controlled intuitively, and the perfectly shaped control elements can be identified quickly – even when wearing gloves.

Outstanding optics

The high-resolution HD LCOS display delivers detailed images for reliable spotting – even in total darkness.

Live Streaming via ZEISS Hunting App

Using the ZEISS Hunting app, hunters can store videos and images from the thermal imaging camera directly to a smartphone via WLAN and even live stream their hunting adventures.

ZEISS Victory HT Riflescopes

The nighttime hunting specialist.

ZEISS has always been synonymous for bright, high-contrast optics – the company is now setting standards: the ZEISS Victory® HT riflescopes will go down as the brightest optics in the company's history. A revolutionary optical design enables them to achieve transmission of 95% and more.

ZEISS Victory HT Riflescopes
95% Light Transmission

High Transmission SCHOTT glasses for optimum identification and resolution of targets in low light. The bright, high-contrast images provide you with the extra few minutes you need on a hunt.

The world’s finest illuminated dot

With only a fraction of the thickness of a human hair, the fiber optics system delivers the world’s finest illuminated dot – 3.3-millimetre target coverage at 100 meters is the breathtaking result.

ZEISS T* Coating

ZEISS T* coating is a guarantee of the brilliant, high-contrast images­­ which you will experience above all in adverse light conditions and in the twilight.

Withstanding toughest conditions

All ZEISS hunting equipment is shock tested with up to 1,500 times g-force. This corresponds to the shooting load of the .460 Weatherby Magnum caliber.

ZEISS Victory HT Binoculars

Made for the twilight hours.

Victory® HT premium binoculars let you experience an entirely new dimension of hunting. Thanks to a revolutionary optical concept, they bring spectacular transmission values of 95% and more. This means that you are able to observe your surroundings when hunting for much longer – even in the latest hours of twilight.

ZEISS Victory HT Binoculars
Tradition revisited

The elegant design is the continuation of the design concept of the ZEISS Dialyt – timeless and functional.

Form follows intuition

The large focusing wheel of the Comfort Focus concept ensures superior handling ergonomics, even when wearing gloves.

A brighter outlook

The ZEISS Victory HT is not simply bright: the integration of FL lenses increases its resolving power and brings outstanding brilliance to the viewing image. This ensures an ideal viewing experience in all lighting conditions.

Built to last a lifetime

The use of magnesium alloys combining light weight with high rigidity guarantees a long and reliable service life.

ZEISS Victory NV 5.6x62 T*

High-tech optics that bring light into darkness.

When night-time conditions are even beyond the capability of classic low light binoculars, the ZEISS Victory NV 5.6x62 T*, with its electronic residual light intensifier, comes into its own. It allows you to observe game even in the light of a new moon and gives you a secure identification; a clear, starry sky is enough to provide the brightest, most detailed images.

ZEISS Victory NV 5.6x62 T*
Superior image intensifier tube

The intensifier tube with a light amplification factor of around 20,000 contains a microchannel plate (MCP) for the generation of sharp, finely detailed images in the hours of darkness.

Robust construction

The optical and mechanical systems are effectively protected against environmental influences by the waterproof, rubber-armoured, nitrogen-filled casing.

Perfect interplay

Available light is gathered by the 62-millimetre objective lens and focused on the extremely sensitive photocathode.

Stories & Reviews

Stable and Shot-Proof when used with ‘Clip-On’ Attachments

The use of ‘Clip-On’ thermal attachments for hunting is currently a hot topic among sportsmen. ZEISS knows that you can only create the perfect conditions with the right and compatible equipment. That is why we thoroughly tested the suitability of ZEISS riflescopes for use with attachments in our own in-house laboratory.

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Expert interview on the use of clip-on attachment optics

We spoke to Klaus Felgenhauer, a graduate engineer and head of the ZEISS Training Academy, about the use of clip-on attachment optics when hunting.

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ZEISS Hunting App

The App for today's hunters.

More than 100,000 hunters around the globe already enjoy the benefits of the versatile functions of the ZEISS Hunting App. Always at hand in the field, the app enables hunters to document hunting events and experiences as they happen. More information

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