ZEISS Thermal
Imaging Cameras

ZEISS Thermal
Imaging Cameras

ZEISS Thermal Imaging Cameras

Hunting wild boar at night requires the right equipment. Because: In the dark, it is almost impossible to rely on your sense of sight alone. But it is precisely the night that is the most important time for hunters when hunting boar. That’s why we all need a companion, one that makes it possible to accurately identify the game, even in the dark. One that we can rely on even when visibility is poor thanks to the highest optical standards – and with the familiar ZEISS quality.

Best-in-Class Usability

Hunting at night requires you to pay close attention to your surroundings. To avoid also having to concentrate on operating your optical device, ZEISS has developed an innovative operating concept: The ErgoControl operating concept with its intelligent positioning of the buttons ensures that every function can be controlled easily and intuitively.

Unmatched Viewing Experience

Most important in any hunting situation is the image quality and the level of detail recognition. Combined with the available zoom settings and the possible contrast adjustments you can safely identify game. In addition to this, ZEISS thermal imaging devices offer a large subjective field of view for an immersive viewing experience.

Sophisticated Powermanagement

ZEISS thermal imaging devices feature sophisticated power management for the longest possible observation times. This is achieved through a combination of different technologies, such as an integrated standby or auto-off function. All our devices are also equipped with powerful Li-Ion batteries for hours of use.

Connectivity with ZEISS Hunting App

As a mobile app and a web application, the ZEISS Hunting app connects you with other hunters all over the world and gives you more transparency in your hunting ground: publish, document, and synchronize content, get the latest news via the newsfeed, and share livestreams about your hunting ground.

Our Offering

ZEISS knows hunters' current needs and requirements in detail and can therefore tailor all its products to the most demanding applications in any given terrain. Whether for stalking, hunting from a raised hide, in the forest, in the field, or wherever the passion for hunting blazes – ZEISS always delivers the best solution for every hunting ground.



For hunters with the highest demands

For high seat hunters
and game stalkers

For allrounders in
wooded areas

For beginner
game stalkers


1.000 m | 2.000 m

1.845 m | 2.635 m

930m | 1.300 m

1.000 m | 1.320 m

Field of view
(at 100 m)

38 m | 19 m

22 m | 15 m

26 m | 19 m

24 m | 18 m

Image Processing





Battery Run Time

6,5 h

7 h

8 h

6,5 h

Battery Type






AMOLED Display

AMOLED Display

AMOLED Display

LCOS Display


More details

More details

More details

More details

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