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ZEISS Victory SF 32 Binocular

Rediscover the world of birdwatching with the ZEISS Victory® SF. You can experience every spectacle nature has to offer with brilliant optics and an unparalleled wide-angle field of view. Thanks to its light weight, unique ergonomic design and dynamic fast-focus feature, the Victory SF allows for hours of relaxed birding without fatigue.

SmartFocus Concept

Ensures optimum positioning of the focusing wheel, and it takes only 1.6 turns to focus between the closest focusing distance and infinity. Extremely fast and precise focusing is assured. 

Extremely Wide Field of View

Increases the observable area of interest by up to 20% in comparison with other binoculars. This offers you the best possible overview for locating the exact bird you are looking for.

ErgoBalance Concept

Shift the center of gravity of the binoculars closer to the eyepieces. This enables hours of fatigue-free observation.

True-to-Life Image Quality

UFL (Ultra-Fluoride) guarantees the highest resolution and color fidelity to enable recognition of the finest details in seconds and confirm identification of bird species.

ZEISS Victory® SF 32

The ZEISS Victory SF line is the result of close collaboration between ZEISS engineers and experts in the field of birdwatching. The new ZEISS Victory SF 32 is designed and constructed to fulfill the needs of birders and wildlife enthusiasts and sets new standards, particularly in the areas of ergonomics, image quality and field of view.

UFL Concept: Optical system containing several SCHOTT fluoride glasses for absolute color fidelity, brightness, clarity and the finest resolution of details

Ultra-HT Concept: SCHOTT high-transmission glass in combination with FL glass for optimum vision in low light

T* star is a multi-layer coating for a bright, crystal-clear and high-contrast viewing image

FieldFlattener Technology provides extreme edge sharpness, even with wide fields of view

LotuTec for fast and easy cleaning of exposed lens surfaces

ZEISS Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty and Five-Year No-Fault Policy


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