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About Us

Our aim is to contribute to progress in medical technology and help healthcare professionals improve their patients' quality of life. 

Through cutting-edge innovations and clinically-relevant software solutions, we support healthcare professionals in setting new standards of care in ophthalmology/optometry; neuro, ENT, spine, dental and gynecologic surgery; and intraoperative radiotherapy.

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Milestones & Innovations

In 1912, the Medical Technology department at ZEISS was officially founded. Extreme precision was the hallmark of development right from day one.


Company History

Today we can look back at a long and successful history marked with numerous milestones and innovations.


Mission & Vision

Our mission and vision guide all employees in our daily activities. It is part and parcel of the corporate culture at ZEISS.


Corporate Responsibility

We define responsibility-based management as the balance between economic interest and ecological and social requirements.


USA Office of the Medical Technology Business Group

We are located in Dublin, California, near San Francisco and the Silicon Valley.


Facts & Figures

We offer complete solutions to diagnose and treat ophthalmic diseases, as well as visualization solutions in the field of microsurgery.



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Ethics & Compliance

We are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards.