Data Protection

What You Should Know

Data Protection Overview

The following flyer, Data Protection Overview, provides a concise overview of how ZEISS online services (websites, apps, social networks) collect and process your personal information. Full details of this process are available in the complete version of our Data Protection Notice.

What information do we collect?

I. When you open and/or use one of our online services, the information collected includes:

  • The type of browser you are using
  • The pages you have visited on our website
  • The operating system
  • Your IP address or shortened IP address
  • User behavior (e.g. mouse movements, click behavior, session duration, etc.)

This information is predominantly collected and used in an anonymized or pseudonymized form.

II. If you have registered on our website, you have voluntarily provided information about yourself, which includes:

  • First name, last name and title
  • Payment information
  • Contact information (e.g. email, phone)
  • Address and order information
  • Company, group assignment
  • Products and equipment you use
  • Personal interests and preferences

How is information collected by ZEISS online services?

The ZEISS online services use various types of cookies or tracking technologies with different functions. These perform purely technical functions, while also contributing to the optimisation of the web pages, to interactions with social media, as well as to the usage-related advertisement both on our side and the partners' side. As a result, we also provide information to our partners for analysis, marketing and social media purposes. You can object to the use of these technologies at any time and in different stages. Click on "Settings" to select your personal cookie settings:


Data is collected by ZEISS online services via automated processes or user entry, e.g. by means of:

  • Cookie tracking pixels
  • Direct user entry
  • Cross-device tracking, mouse tracking and similar methods

Cookies make websites more user-friendly, effective and secure. A cookie is a text file containing information about user activity which is temporarily saved in the user's browser. They can be used to define and save visitor preferences and website settings.
Note: Additional information about cookies and other internet technologies is available in our Data Protection Notice.

Why do ZEISS online services process and use my personal information? When does ZEISS use and process my personal information?

It should be noted that ZEISS only collects personal information on a case-by-case basis and for specific purposes. The following list of reasons is therefore not exhaustive.

  1. For the provision of our products and services
  2. To comply with legal obligations
  3. For credit checks when processing payments that use insecure payment methods
  4. To prevent fraud on purchases for advertising purposes
  5. For web analytics and to improve our website
  6. For contests
  7. For newsletters and other subscriptions
  8. For online applications
  9. For contact purposes and in contact forms
  10. During the use of protected areas, such as ZEISS ID, and for authentication
  11. In the online shop
  12. For orders
  13. During the use of ZEISS digital services, e.g. platforms, subscribing to/unsubscribing from newsletters, and during the use of apps.

We know that it is important to you that your personal information be handled with care. Since data protection is a high priority issue at ZEISS, we make sure that your information is collected, processed and used strictly in accordance with the law. The instances listed above are those in which we require personal information from you.
This information helps us continually improve our websites and provide you with an individualized user experience. The individual items of personal information are used to process your orders, to deliver purchased goods and products to you, to verify your creditworthiness, to process payments, to prevent fraud, and to keep you informed about your orders and our products, services, and special offers.

To ensure that we can get in touch with you quickly, we request that you provide us with your email address. Your address will only be used for advertising purposes if you have given your explicit permission for this.

Legal basis for processing personal data

We process your data only in compliance with the applicable laws. In particular, we will process your data in accordance with Article 6 and Article 9 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as well as in accordance with the conditions for consent in Article 7 GDPR. We will process your data, among other things, upon the following legal bases. Please note that this is not a complete or exhaustive list of the legal bases. Instead, these are merely examples intended to render the legal bases more transparent.

  • Consent (point (a) of Article 6, paragraph 1 and Article 7 GDPR or point (a) of Article 9, paragraph 2 and Article 7 GDPR): we will only process specific data according to your explicit and voluntary consent, provided in advance. You have the right to revoke your consent at any time with effect for the future.
  • performance of a contract / pre-contractual measures (point (b) of Article 6, paragraph 1 GDPR): we require access to certain data to initiate or implement your contract with ZEISS and ZEISS partners.
  • Compliance with a legal obligation (point (c) of Article 6, paragraph 1 GDPR): ZEISS is subject to several legal requirements. In order to meet these requirements, we must process specific data.
  • Protection of legitimate interests (point (f) of Article 6, paragraph 1): ZEISS will process specific data to protect its interests or those of third parties. However, this only applies if your interests in the individual case do not prevail.

Where is my personal information processed?

Generally, your information is processed on servers located in Germany. If permitted, your information may also be processed in countries other than Germany. User information is processed in part by external companies hired by ZEISS. The forwarding of data within the ZEISS Group (if permitted), the transfer of data abroad, and the processing of data via external partners are performed in accordance with the applicable data privacy protection laws. These activities are secured by means of the statutory regulations on data privacy protection including data processing agreements, EU standard contractual clauses, and international conventions.

What rights do I have?

  • The right to information
  • The right to object, including the right to withdraw your objection
  • The right to have information deleted or released/transferred
  • The right to limit or block the processing of information
  • The right to have information corrected
  • The right of appeal, also through a responsible supervisory authority
  • The right to withdraw your consent
  • The right to not be subject to a decision stemming from the automated processing of information or profiling

For data protection requests, please contact our corporate data protection representatives:

Carl-Zeiss-Strasse 22
73447 Oberkochen

Contact by e-mail (please do not send confidential or sensitive information): datap rivacy @zeiss .com
Contact by phone: +49 7364 20-0 (keyword: "data protection")
Contact via online form: View form

When does my personal information get deleted?

We delete your personal information when the purpose for which it was collected no longer exists; this could include information collected during the execution of a contract which has been terminated. In order to adhere to trade/tax law and other legal obligations, it may be necessary to store your personal information beyond the purpose for which it was collected, or to initially block the information so that it can be used for later processing. This may also be necessary for the assertion, exercise and defence of legal claims.

How does ZEISS safeguard my personal information?

When you sign in to specially protected areas, e.g. via ZEISS ID, or into online shops, when you register to participate in contests or when you place an order, your personal information is transferred to us. To ensure that your information does not end up in the wrong hands, it is encrypted using standard, state-of-the-art methods such as SSL encryption (secure sockets layer). This is a proven and secure method of transferring information on the Internet.

ZEISS also employs a wide range of additional technical and operational security measures to ensure the safeguarding of personal information for its partners and customers. In conjunction with these security measures, we may occasionally request that you provide proof of your identity before granting you access to your personal information.

Does ZEISS use cookies?

ZEISS uses cookies to ensure that your user experience is as comfortable and convenient as possible. Want to know more about how we use cookies?

Learn more about cookies and other Internet technologies

Your ZEISS ID account

Your ZEISS ID account can be used to sign in to a wide range ZEISS products and services. When you sign in, the information you provided voluntarily is used to create a personalized data record which helps us provide products and services which are better tailored to you personally.

Withdrawing permission to use your personal information

To withdraw permission for the use of your personal information, click the link below:

View withdrawal form

Falsified emails (spoofing), spam and phishing

Beware of phishing and spoofing activities

Unfortunately, the ZEISS brand is among those which are misused for deceptive purposes. In more specific terms, this means that users sometimes receive falsified emails supposedly sent from ZEISS. These emails are often visually designed to look like ZEISS communications and can in some cases be difficult to tell apart from authentic emails from ZEISS.

In these cases, the persons sending the falsified emails are attempting to exploit the trust between ZEISS and its customers in order to steal sensitive information (e.g. login details, customer information, payment information) or to install malicious software on your computer or smartphone.

These emails are not created or sent by ZEISS, even if our name is used to make it appear so. Unfortunately, this also means the ZEISS has no control over the creation and sending of illegitimate emails.

The following characteristics can help you identify whether the email you received is actually from ZEISS:

  • Confirmation emails and invoices from ZEISS should only be for items you actually ordered.
  • Emails from ZEISS should be free of typographical and grammatical errors, since they are proofread before being sent.

In some areas of our websites, we also provide information about, and links to, third-party websites. We do this only if we are firmly convinced of the seriousness of the respective supplier. However, ZEISS is not responsible for the data protection stipulations or contents of these websites and assumes no liability in this regard. These external links are marked with the following icon:

The right way to deal with spam, phishing and spoofing emails:

  • We recommend that you delete suspicious emails immediately.
  • Never open links or attachments in suspicious emails and never give out your personal information.
  • We also recommend running a virus scan on your computer.

If an email contains unusual or suspicious information regarding your order or your customer information, sign into the online shop with which you placed the order. There, you will find a list of all the orders you have actually placed, along with the status and invoice number for each order. To do this, manually enter the address for the ZEISS website or platform in your browser. Manually entering the address allows you to avoid the risk of being sent to fraudulent websites via links contained in the email.

Tip: If you're unsure about an email you've received, use our contact service to get in touch with us or write us a message at View form

Important information about the safeguarding of your information

Safeguarding your personal information

In today's connected world, unauthorized attempts to access information are a reality which private individuals and companies are confronted with on a daily basis. Safeguarding information against such attempts is a considerable challenge.

Data protection is a high priority issue at ZEISS, and we invest time, energy and money into ensuring that our systems are secure and monitored around the clock. When you use ZEISS websites and platforms, you entrust us with your personal information. Safeguarding this information is important to us. There are also things that you can do to protect your personal information against unauthorized access. Below you will find information about how you can help ensure that your information stays safe.

How can I protect my personal information?

The rule of thumb here is to protect the information on your computer, laptop and mobile devices with passwords and PIN codes that only you know. Also, make sure you sign out of ZEISS websites, platforms and shops after you are finished using them.

Make sure that you only use one unique password per account. Never use the same password for different service providers or online portals. Check to make sure that the passwords you use on ZEISS websites and platforms are not being used for other websites as well. If they are, we recommend changing all of your ZEISS passwords immediately.

Do not write your passwords down where other people can see them. Once again, make sure that you are the only person who has access to these passwords.

How do I create secure passwords?

You want to make sure that your passwords are not easy to guess. This means not using common, everyday words, your own name or the names of family members in your passwords. For added security, it is a good idea to use a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

Is there anything else I should know?

If you use a public computer to access ZEISS websites or platforms, be sure to sign out of your account when you are finished.

If you receive unsolicited emails asking you to provide your password or payment information, ignore these and contact ZEISS immediately (contact formular). We will look into the matter.

Data Protection Notice

Data processing at ZEISS (e.g. collection, processing, transfer) is performed in accordance with the law. The personal information needed from you for business transactions is stored by us and transferred to service providers contracted by ZEISS to the extent necessary to process the transactions.


This data protection notice applies to websites, domains, social media platforms and applications belonging to companies in the ZEISS Corporate Group (hereinafter referred to as ZEISS). They do not apply to the websites of ZEISS companies that, for example, have amended data protection and legal notices due to national legislation. Therefore, please note the respective data protection and legal notices of all ZEISS websites you visit or programs you use.

In some cases, ZEISS websites also contain links to websites of third-party, ZEISS-external companies to which this data protection and legal notice does not apply.

General Data Protection Standard

ZEISS is a corporation operating on a global scale which has cross-border legally independent companies, business processes, management structures, and technical systems.

When you visit our websites, data may be collected which may, in some cases, be of a personal nature. In this notice, we point out what personal information ZEISS companies collect during your visit to our websites, and how we handle this data.

We consider the protection of your personal information a very serious matter. Our processing of your personal information collected during your visit to our websites is carried out fully in accordance with the relevant legal stipulations. In addition, our approach to dealing with personal information is based on the EU data protection principles which provide for the greatest possible degree of transparency, observance of the right to choose, access rights and the transmission and lawful processing of personal information.

Every ZEISS company complies with the data protection laws which are applicable in its own particular case. In addition, the handling of personal information is specified in a company directive for all ZEISS companies within the Group. This ZEISS company directive serves to ensure that your data is processed properly and in compliance with the applicable laws at the ZEISS companies which handle personal information. At the same time, we have instructed our employees to refer to and comply with our data protection rules wherever personal information is requested on any website.

To the extent legally permissible and with due regard for your legitimate interests in excluding the transmission or use of information, we may forward your address and creditworthiness data to, or request this data from, credit agencies in order to run credit checks for orders.
For orders paid for by invoice, and installment purchases, we use address data in addition to other creditworthiness data to estimate the risk of payment defaults in individual cases.
ZEISS and other companies in the ZEISS Group generally provide their customers with the option of using insecure payment methods (e.g. paying by invoice, credit purchases). The following is a non-exhaustive list of companies in the ZEISS Group:

  • Carl Zeiss Industrielle Messtechnik GmbH
  • Carl Zeiss Spectroscopy GmbH
  • Carl Zeiss Meditec Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH
  • Carl Zeiss Vision GmbH
  • Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH

Companies which offer their customers the option of using insecure payment methods have a justified interest in protecting themselves against payment defaults. This is usually done by checking the customer's creditworthiness before offering the option of using an insecure payment method. For credit checks, ZEISS is entitled to use negative creditworthiness information about the customer that it has collected itself or which has been transferred to it by another company in the ZEISS Group.

ZEISS is also entitled to transfer negative creditworthiness information about the customer to other companies in the ZEISS group before these other companies offer the customer the option of using an insecure payment method.

Creditworthiness information pertains to information about outstanding payments and information which provides direct indication that the customer is at risk of defaulting on his or her payment (e.g. bankruptcy, debt counseling, deferrals due to inability to pay). Before ZEISS stores the collected negative information about outstanding payments for the purpose of transferring this information to other companies in the ZEISS Group, the customer will receive notice that this information may possibly be transferred. ZEISS is also entitled to transfer information about exceedingly atypical orders (e.g. simultaneous orders for multiple items with the same delivery address placed using different customer accounts) to other companies in the ZEISS Group and to use information about exceedingly atypical orders that it has received from other companies in the ZEISS Group. This is intended to prevent the occurrence of payment defaults and to protect our customers against having their identities used for fraudulent purposes.

Furthermore, ZEISS is permitted to collect and process address and order information for its own marketing purposes. This means, for example, that ZEISS may compare email addresses collected during order processes with Facebook Ireland Limited's email address lists in order to display personalized advertisements to the owner of the address. Facebook Ireland Limited is not permitted, however, to use the email address for any purpose other than comparing it with its address list. Information is sent to third parties for advertising purposes only in cases where it is legally permissible to do so.


You may object to the use, processing, and transfer of your personal information at any time by means of an informal written letter addressed to ZEISS or via email (withdrawal form). Upon receipt of your objection, we will cease to use, process, and transfer the information in question for any purpose other than carrying out the orders and tasks you have requested; we will also cease to send you advertising and promotional materials.

Disclosure or objection:

Want to know which of your personal information is processed by ZEISS? Want to object to having your information used?
According to Article 15 of the Basic Regulation on Data Privacy Protection, or according to Article 34 of the Federal Data Protection act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz, BDSG) of 2017, this is your legal right, and we would be more than happy to fulfil your request.
Request information

Gathering, Processing, and Transfer of Personal Information

ZEISS wants to give you as much control as possible over your personal information. Normally, you can access ZEISS websites without providing any personal information.

However, in certain areas of the ZEISS websites, you are requested to provide us with personal information in order to help us enhance the site and keep in contact with you. Any personal information you submit is treated as confidential and is saved and processed exclusively within the scope of the relationship between you and ZEISS. Your personal information will not be forwarded, published, or otherwise made available to third parties for marketing purposes without your prior approval.

However, as part of the provision of our services, your information may under certain circumstances be transferred to third parties who we have included in order processing, e.g. business partners or IT service providers. When transferring personal information to these third parties, we restrict ourselves to the information which is necessary for the provision of the service in question and we ensure that this transfer is carried out in compliance with the required data security. ZEISS companies will only transfer your personal information to third parties which have committed themselves to data protection and to the processing of your information in compliance with the applicable laws.

In addition, ZEISS may be forced by court or official order to reveal your data and associated information. Likewise, we reserve the right to use your information for the assertion of or defense against legal claims.

In the event of a takeover or merger with another company, it may be necessary to disclose or transfer your information to actual or potential buyers. In this case, ZEISS will aspire to the highest possible level of data protection and will comply with the legal stipulations.

Rights of the Data Subject

You are entitled to request information regarding the personal data we process at any time; you may also object to the processing of this information as well as request that the extent to which your personal information is processed be limited, that information be corrected or that information be deleted. Please note that ZEISS may only delete your personal information in the event that no legal stipulations exist which require this information to be stored, or in the event that ZEISS' right to store this information does not take precedence over your right to have it deleted. Please also note that once you have requested to have your information deleted, to have the processing of your information limited, or you have objected to the processing of your information, you may then no longer use ZEISS services, in part or in full, which require the use of your personal information.

If your personal information is being used by ZEISS because you have agreed to have it used, or because it is required for the fulfilment of a contract you have concluded with ZEISS, you may request a copy of the information that you have made available to ZEISS. Please send your request to the email address provided below. Be sure to include which data or processing activities you are requesting information about, in what format you would like to receive this information, and whether the information should be sent to you or another recipient. ZEISS will carefully review your request and inform you of the best way to fulfil it.

You may also request that ZEISS limit the future processing of your personal information in the following cases:

  1. If you claim that the personal information held by ZEISS is incorrect (however, the processing of information in this case will only be limited during the period of time needed by ZEISS to verify the accuracy of the personal information in question); 
  2. If there is no legal basis for the processing of your personal information by ZEISS and you request that ZEISS cease processing your information; 
  3. If ZEISS no longer needs your personal information, but you claim that ZEISS must store this information so that legal claims can be raised or exercised, or so that the claims of third parties can be defended; 
  4. If you object to the processing of your personal information by ZEISS (on the basis of ZEISS' legitimate interest), for the length of time required to verify if ZEISS' interest in processing your personal information takes precedence or if a legal requirement to store the information exists.

View form

Personal Information of Children:
ZEISS does not intentionally collect or process the information of children under the age of 16, or as required by local laws, except on websites intended specifically for children. ZEISS adheres to the applicable data protection laws on these websites.

Compliance with Legal Regulations

ZEISS and its products, services and technologies are subject to the export regulations of various countries, including those of the European Union and its members states and those of the United States. You acknowledge that ZEISS is required, per applicable export regulations, trade sanctions, and embargos, to take measures to prevent companies, organizations, and parties named in sanction party lists from acquiring certain products, technologies, and services through ZEISS websites or delivery channels controlled by ZEISS. These measures may include the following:

  1. The automated comparison of user registration information described in this notice and other information related to the user's identity with applicable sanction lists; 
  2. Regular and repeated comparisons of this information as sanction lists are updated or as the user updates his or her information; 
  3. The blocking of access to the services and systems of ZEISS if a user is found in an applicable sanction list; 
  4. Establishing contact with the user in the event his or her information is found in a sanction list, in order to verify his or her identity.

Furthermore, you acknowledge that information required to carry out activities in accordance with your decision to have your personal information processed and used, or to receive marketing and promotional materials from ZEISS (regardless of the country in which the ZEISS company in question is located, and whether you have provided your explicit permission or objection to receive marketing and promotional materials) may be stored by companies in the ZEISS Group and exchanged between them to the extent this is required by law.

Legitimate Interest of ZEISS

Each of the items listed below presents a case in which ZEISS has a legitimate interest in processing and using your personal information. If you do not agree to having your information processed and used by ZEISS in these ways, you may object to these processing activities.

View form

Surveys and questionnaires

ZEISS may invite you to participate in a customer survey. The questionnaires used for these surveys are designed in such a way that the questions can be answered without providing personal information. However, any personal information provided in a questionnaire or survey may be used by ZEISS to improve its products and services.

Generation of anonymized data records

ZEISS may anonymize the personal information covered by this data privacy protection notice to create anonymized data records which can be used to improve ZEISS products and services as well as those of its associated companies.

Recording of telephone and chat conversations for the purpose of improving service quality

ZEISS may record telephone or chat conversations for the purpose of improving the quality of its service. The recording process will begin only after you have been informed of it during the conversation.

To keep you informed of new products and services and to collect customer feedback

Within the framework of ZEISS' relationship with you as a customer, ZEISS may keep you informed, to the extent permitted by law, about its products and services (e.g. webinars, seminars and events) which are similar to the products and services from ZEISS which you have already purchased or which you use, or products or services which are directly related. Moreover, ZEISS may contact you to collect feedback regarding products, services, seminars, webinars or events which you have purchased or attended for the purpose of improving the product, service, webinar, seminar, or event in question.

Informationen on Data Security

ZEISS understands the importance of the protection and discreet handling of the information which you transfer to us via the Internet. Data security on our websites is a top priority. We have therefore made great efforts to ensure that our online security measures are effective. Essential data traffic on the ZEISS websites is therefore encrypted. ZEISS endeavors to update its encryption technology on a continuous basis in line with technical progress, in order to guarantee the confidential handling of the information you send us over the Internet.

We use different technologies for authentication, to simplify navigation, and to improve usability. These technologies include “cookies” which measure the use and efficacy of a website. A cookie is a data item which a website sends to your browser. It is stored on your system and is used to identify it (see Cookies, Web Tracking and Web Analytics).

Visitors' IP addresses are captured on our websites for the analysis of malfunctions, for website administration, and for the attainment of demographic characteristics. Furthermore, we use the IP addresses and other information, made available to us by you on this website or by other means as required, to find out which of our websites are being visited and what topics interest our visitors.

Cookies, Web Tracking and Web Analytics

ZEISS online services use cookies, pixels and other similar technologies (collectively, "cookies") to recognize your browser or device, to learn more about your interests and to provide you with essential functions and services as well as for other purposes.

Cookies have the advantage that they enable you to use many of our offers (services/features). If you do not allow cookies to be placed or reject cookies in any other way, it is not possible, for example, to use various services of our online services or to use other products or services that require cookies.

Approved third party providers may also place cookies when you interact with ZEISS services. Third party providers include search engines, measurement and analysis service providers, social media networks and advertising companies. Third parties use cookies to provide content, including ads, that is relevant to your interests, to measure the effectiveness of their ads, and to provide services on behalf of ZEISS. For more information about third parties who may place cookies, please refer to the "Partners in Tracking and Cookie Technologies" section.

In certain cases, the data collected can be used to identify the visitor. The data collected is used to improve the offering or target customers. IP addresses are generally shortened or only processed in an anonymous form.

Depending on their function and purpose, cookies can be grouped into different categories: strictly necessary cookies, functional cookies, performance or analytical cookies, cookies for marketing purposes and social media cookies.

Strictly Necessary Cookies
Strictly necessary cookies are needed to allow you to navigate through a website and use the features built into it. Without these cookies, the website's functionality cannot be guaranteed. This means that certain actions performed by the user (e.g. text input, configuration options) are not stored as the user navigates to other pages on the website.

Functional Cookies
Functional cookies make it possible for a website to store information provided by the user (e.g. username, language selection, current location) to improve their browsing experience and personalize the functionality of the website. For example, a website can provide the user with local pricing information if a cookie is used to store the region that the user is in. Functional cookies are also used to perform commands such as playing videos. These cookies collect information in anonymous form and cannot be used to track your use of other websites.

Performance Cookies
Performance cookies are used to collect information about how a website is used (e.g. information about which pages the visitor visits most frequently and whether or not the user receives any error messages). These cookies do not store any information which could be used to identify the user. The collected information is aggregated and anonymized. These cookies are used exclusively to improve the performance of the website and, hence, the user's experience.

Cookies for Marketing Purposes
Cookies for marketing purposes are used to present users with advertising which is relevant to them and which is tailored to their interests. They are also used to limit the number of impressions of an ad and to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. They register whether a user has visited a page or not. This information can then be shared with advertisers. These cookies are used to improve the relevance of advertising and are linked in part to page features from third parties.

Social media
As an example, we use social media cookies to activate social media plug-in icons. This also allows access to social media, and surfing on our and other websites can be tracked by the operator of the social network.


If you want to modify, limit, or object to the use of cookies or the analysis of your surfing behavior, or if you wish to withdraw your objection, you can change and manage the settings for each website in most standard browsers as follows:

  • Chrome: Click the padlock icon next to the address bar (on SSL-certified pages) or on the information icon (i).
  • Firefox: Click the icon next to the web address and choose "Options". The cookie management is located under "Privacy & Security".
  • Internet Explorer: Click the gear icon, then go to "Extras" > "Internet Options". Go to the "Privacy" tab. The cookie management options are located under "Advanced".

You can also manage browser cookies for the most common web browsers via the browser settings. The help function of most web browsers explains how to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies, how your browser can notify you when you receive a new cookie, how to disable cookies and when the cookies expire. If you deactivate all cookies in your browser, neither ZEISS nor third parties will transmit cookies to your browser. However, once you have done this, you may need to manually adjust some settings each time you visit a website, and some features and services may not work.

How does ZEISS use cookies?

Cookies are used to survey access to our online services and to implement functionalities intended for social media and marketing. We also forward information to our partners for analytical, marketing and social media purposes. Our partners may merge this information with other data you provide or other data they may have collected through the use of their services. You can object to this use to different degrees. Please select your personal preference:

Cookie Preferences

ZEISS uses cookies in a number of ways and for the following purposes:

  • To authenticate and identify you when you use one of our websites or applications, so that we can provide you with the services you have requested
  • To make the ZEISS websites and applications you use available to you
  • To store your settings or record the point at which you stopped using a ZEISS website or application
  • To measure your use of ZEISS websites and applications so that these can be improved and modified to fit your interests
  • To understand what your interests likely are so that we can present you with relevant information when you visit ZEISS websites
  • Any content, including advertisements, which is relevant to your interests on ZEISS websites and third-party websites and which generate reports. This allows us to measure and analyse the performance of our services.
  • Prevents fraud and improves security.
  • Performs research and diagnostics to improve content, products and services.

Google Analytics

This website makes partial use of Google Analytics, a web analysis service from Google Inc., headquartered at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States ("Google"). For this purpose, Google Analytics uses cookies, i.e. text files that are saved on your computer and enable you to analyze your website. As a rule, the information about your use of this website obtained by the cookie is transmitted to a Google server in the USA, where it is saved. However, your IP address will be shortened by Google if IP anonymization is activated on the website. This applies within the EU member states or in other signatory states of the agreement on the European Economic Area. Only in exceptional cases will the full IP address be transferred to a Google server in the USA and shortened there. On behalf of the operator of this website, Google will use this information to evaluate your use of the website, to compile reports on the website activities, and to provide the website operator with other services relating to website use and Internet use. Google will not merge other data with the IP address transmitted by your browser within the scope of Google Analytics. You can prevent the saving of cookies by setting your browser software accordingly. However, if you choose to do so, please note that you might not be able to utilize all the functions of the ZEISS website in question to their full extent. In addition, you may prevent Google's capture and processing of the data generated by the cookie related to your use of the website (including your IP address) by downloading and installing a browser plugin available via the following link:

Our Terms and Conditions of Use and our Data Protection Notice can be found at and

Google has added the code "anonymizeIp" to this website to enable the anonymous identification of IP addresses.

We use the remarketing feature and Google AdWords from Google Inc. on our websites. ("Google"). This function is used to present website visitors with advertisements related to their interests within the Google advertising network. On these sites, the user may be presented with advertising related to content that he or she viewed previously on other websites which employ the Google remarketing feature. According to Google, it does not collect personal information during this process. If you do not want Google to use the remarketing feature, this can normally be deactivated by changing the settings at Alternatively, you can disable the use of cookies for advertising related to interests on the Advertising Network Initiative by following the instructions at For more information about Google remarketing and Google's privacy policy, please visit:
If you have reached our website via a Google advertisement, Google AdWords may save a cookie on your computer. This cannot be traced back to you as a person. The information collected with the help of this so-called "conversion cookie" is used to generate statistics on our conversion rate. This implies that we can know how many users visit our websites through a Google ad and, if applicable, purchase a product. If you do not wish to be part of the tracking process, you can disable cookies for conversion tracking by setting your browser to block cookies from the relevant domain: Google AdWords:

We sometimes use the Google Signals function from Google Analytics to ensure you have an optimum user experience across all end devices.

Personalized Recommendations

We use software to create user profiles and keep them up to date. The process involves the use of cookies for tracking purposes on the website. Unknown visitors are registered as anonymous.

In some cases we use retargeting methods by which visitors to our website are tagged so that they can be presented with targeted information on other websites. This information cannot be used to identify individuals and can be deactivated at any time by changing the display settings or privacy settings in your browser.

In some cases we use the remarketing feature from Google Inc. This feature is used to present website visitors with advertisements related to their interests within the Google advertising network. To do this, a cookie is saved to the visitor's browser which makes it possible to identify the user when he or she visits a website which is part of the Google advertising network. On these sites, the user may be presented with advertising related to content that he or she viewed previously on other websites which employ the Google remarketing feature. According to Google, it does not collect personal information during this process. If you do not want Google to use the remarketing feature, this can generally be deactivated by changing the settings under
Through the use of the Google remarketing feature and the "similar audiences" feature, you may be presented with advertising from ZEISS which is tailored to your person and personal interests when you visit websites within Google's so-called "Display Network". You can also deactivate the cookies used in this process at any time by changing the display settings or privacy settings in your browser.

Using Social Plug-ins

Some ZEISS websites feature the following social plug-in buttons for other websites:

These buttons, if displayed on the website, do not establish any contact with the servers from Facebook, Google+, Twitter or similar online service providers. For a connection to be activated, and for communication with Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to be established, you must firstly grant your approval – by clicking on the buttons.

If you are already logged into a social network of your choice, this is carried out without another window being opened. As this transfer occurs directly, we do not obtain any knowledge of the data transferred. What is transferred is the fact that you have launched the respective site. Insofar as you are simultaneously logged onto Facebook or other social media platforms, this information will be assigned to your social media account and will thus be connected with you.

With regard to the further use and storage of your personal data by Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, please obtain the relevant information directly from these social media companies. It is likewise possible to block social plugins through your browser using add-ons.


We use the Facebook "Customer Audience" and "Facebook Pixel" services on our websites to optimise our advertising offers provided that you have granted an appropriate consent.
For more information about these Facebook services and the privacy policy of Facebook Ireland Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland ("Facebook"), please visit
If you use a Facebook user account, the Facebook Pixel on our web pages can recognise this by the Facebook cookie which is used to transmit the usage data it has collected to Facebook for analysis and marketing purposes. Under certain circumstances, the Facebook Pixel may enable tracking on many other websites. You can check and/or deactivate this data collection and the additional processing and use of the data by Facebook directly on Facebook. With Facebook Pixel, the following data is transmitted to Facebook:

  • HTTP header information (including IP address, web browser information, web page location, document, web page URL, web browser user agent, and date and time of use)
  • Pixel-specific data: this includes the Pixel ID and Facebook cookie data including your Facebook ID (this data is used to associate events with a specific Facebook ad account and associate them with a Facebook user)
  • Additional information about your visit to our websites, as well as standard and customised data events.
    • Orders placed (sales transactions)
    • Completed registrations and trial subscriptions
    • Searched products, request for product information

The above data processing only applies to users who have a Facebook account or have requested a Facebook partner page (where a cookie was set). Playing advertising on Facebook (partner) pages using the "Customer Audience" service does not concern users who are not members of Facebook. If the Facebook ID contained in a Facebook cookie can be assigned to a Facebook user, then Facebook will assign this user to a target group ("Custom Audience") according to the rules we have defined, provided that the rules are relevant. We use the information obtained in tis way for the presentation of advertisements on Facebook (partner) pages or other websites. If you wish to object to the use of Facebook Pixel, you can set an opt-out cookie on Facebook or disable JavaScript in your browser. For additional information and configuration options for protecting your privacy within the scope of advertising activities, please refer to Facebook's privacy policy which can be found, among others, at

LinkedIn Analytics, LinkedIn Ads und LinkedIn Conversion-Tracking

We use the conversion tracking technology and the retargeting feature of LinkedIn Corporation on our website. This technology allows visitors to this website to play personalized ads on LinkedIn. It is also possible to create anonymous reports on ad performance and website interaction information. To do this, the LinkedIn Insight tag is included on this website, which establishes a connection to the LinkedIn server if you visit this website and are logged into your LinkedIn account at the same time. Please see LinkedIn's privacy policy at for more information on data collection and use, and the choices and rights to protect your privacy. If you are logged in to LinkedIn, you can deactivate the data collection at any time at the following link:

Partners providing tracking and cookie technologies

Addresses and privacy policies of our partners providing tracking and cookie technologies

Google Germany GmbH
20354 Hamburg, Germany

Marketo EMEA Ltd.
South County Business Park
Leopardstown Road
Dublin 18, Ireland

Facebook Ireland Limited,
4 Grand Canal Square
Grand Canal Harbour
Dublin 2, Irleand

Siteimprove GmbH
Kurfürstdamm 56
10707 Berlin, Germany

LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company
Wilton Place
Dublin 2, Ireland

5 E 8th Ave,
Vancouver, BC V5T 1R6,

entergon GmbH & Co. KG
Wilhelmstraße 14A
61381 Friedrichsdorf, Germany (in German)

Searchmetrics GmbH
Greifswalder Straße 212
10405 Berlin, Germany

TeamViewer GmbH
Jahnstraße 30
73037 Göppingen, Germany

LogmeIn Ireland Limited
Bloodstone Building Block C
70 Sir John Rogerson´s Quay
Dublin 2, Ireland

Salesforce Germany GmbH
Erika-Mann-Straße 31
80636 Munich, Germany

Wistia Inc.
17 Tudor Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts, 02139 USA

Rebrandly Ltd.
31 Westland Square
Dublin 2, Ireland

Amendments to this Data Protection Notice

This notice is amended occasionally to ensure that it complies with current legal requirements and covers all of our online services.

Your legal rights to information, correction, blocking, deletion, and objection are not affected by these changes.

Contacts for Data Protection Requests

For data protection requests, please contact our corporate privacy protection representatives:

Carl-Zeiss-Strasse 22
73447 Oberkochen

Contact by email (please do not send confidential or sensitive information):
mailto: datap rivacy @zeiss .com

Contact by phone: +49 7364 20-0 (keyword: "data protection")

Country-Specific Regulations

The following applies to users located in the Russian Federation:

The services mentioned here are not intended for citizens of the Russian Federation whose permanent address is located in Russia. If you are a citizen of the Russian Federation and your permanent address is located in Russia, you acknowledge that any and all personal information you provide when using our services is done so at your own risk and that you are solely responsible for this information; you also acknowledge that by using ZEISS services you grant your explicit permission to have your personal information collected and transferred to the United States and other countries for processing, and that ZEISS cannot be held responsible for failure to adhere to any laws of the Russian Federation.

The following applies to users located in the People's Republic of China:

The services mentioned here are not intended for citizens of the People's Republic of China whose permanent address is located in the People's Republic of China. If you are a citizen of the People's Republic of China and your permanent address is located in the People's Republic of China, you acknowledge that any and all personal information you provide when using our services is done so at your own risk and that you are solely responsible for this information; you also acknowledge that by using ZEISS services you grant your explicit permission to have your personal information collected and transferred to the United States and other countries for processing, and that ZEISS cannot be held responsible for failure to adhere to any laws of the People's Republic of China.

The following applies to users residing in the United States:

The content of this Website may be limited for use by persons located within certain geographic regions (including without limitation the United States) and ZEISS makes no claims that the Website or any of its content is accessible or appropriate outside of such regions. Access to the Website may not be legal by certain persons or in certain countries. If you access the Website in contravention of legal restrictions, you do soon your own initiative and are responsible for compliance with local laws.

The "Shine the Light" law of the state of California enables residents of California to request certain information about the data collected by ZEISS and sent to third parties for direct marketing purposes.

If you wish to request additional information covered by the "Shine the Light" law, contact us using the information provided above or submit a request to the address provided with the phrase "California Shine the Light Request" so that we can appropriately categorize your request. For this process, we require your mailing address, permanent address and an email address so that we can contact you.

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