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Core Imaging Facilities

ZEISS as a Partner for Your Core Imaging Facility

Advanced Microscopy Instruments, Software, and Services for the Success of Your Facility

  • Imaging solutions for life science core facilities
  • Innovative technology for trending applications
  • Data management for large and complex datasets

The core imaging lab plays a vital role not only in supporting an institute’s research and discovery but also as an asset in recruitment of new scientists and students. This brings many challenges to core facility managers. They must carefully invest in the right technology portfolio in order to draw users with a steady revenue stream. Individual instruments must be overseen to ensure they are utilized to their full potential while maintaining peak performance with minimal downtime. As experiments grow in magnitude and complexity, core facilities must rise to the challenge of large data management and support possible workflows to correlate data across imaging modalities.

Not only does ZEISS offer the most comprehensive portfolio of imaging systems, but we also understand your need for lab management including equipment maintenance and streamlined solutions for data handling and analysis. ZEISS strives to be your trusted partner in ensuring the success of your core imaging facility.

Specific Solutions for Your Core Imaging Facility

ZEISS Imaging Solutions

For Life Science Core Facilities

From neuroscience to cell biology, cancer research, plant science and more, find the right equipment for current and trending applications that are driving scientific discovery.

Core Facility Lab Management

Core Facility Lab Management

Offerings for Seamless Operation of Your Imaging Facility

Core Facility Data Management

Core Facility Data Management

Stay Ahead of User Requirements for Larger and More Complex Datasets

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