Microscopy solutions to improve metals research, development, and performance
Microscopy Solutions

Steel and Other Metals

Multi-modal characterization and advanced analysis for industry and research

Steel and other metals underpin the modern world. Metals are a versatile group of materials used in an incredible range of applications—from construction, transport, and infrastructure, to automotive, energy, and consumer goods—each demanding a different set of properties and specifications from the metal or alloy.

Accurate measurements of material properties at each stage of the research and development or manufacturing process help metallurgists understand how variables impact microstructure, alter the composition and introduce defects or impurities. Even microscopic defects or deviations can cause the material to fail specification, or worse, cause components to fail in service.

ZEISS Microscopy solutions help metallurgists to accurately design, understand and measure material properties at each stage of the innovation and manufacturing processes.   

ZEISS Solutions

ZEISS provides a comprehensive microscopy portfolio for characterizing steel and other metals, to reveal the microstructural secrets that provide macrostructural insights.

Quantitative EBSD Studies of Soft Magnetic Composites with ZEISS Sigma 300

Alloy Research and Development

Aluminum Die Cast Samples

Aluminum Alloys

Routine Metallography

Routine Metallography

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