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ZEISS at the 2023 Annual Biophysical Society Meeting

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San Diego, CA | Booth #811
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Your research consumes your thoughts, queuing up questions on how you can see more, see deeper, capture the moment, and make a breakthrough. But what lies beyond your current systems and software capabilities? Discover new innovations to help make the data you seek, visible.

Leverage our experts to help you connect your needs to the right solution, the right training, and the right settings for repeatability.

As your partner, we are focused on sustainability, leveraging our digital efficiencies to fulfill your needs, wherever you are in your consideration process. We are your resource, your network for achieving your next breakthrough. We believe that you are the power behind what’s possible, let us help you find innovations to achieve your discoveries, faster.

Stop by the ZEISS booth at the Annual Biophysical Society Meeting to explore researcher discoveries on our interactive wall, see our products in a VR showroom, or remote into the ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center for a live product introduction. Attend our Exhibitor Presentation  on Sunday, February 19, to learn about ZEISS's lattice light sheet technology.

We look forward to seeing you in San Diego!

Exhibitor Presentation

Sunday, February 19, 10:30 am - 12:00 pm
Room 10

Discover how accessible lattice light sheet technology and image analysis really are with ZEISS Lattice Lightsheet 7

In order to best understand the world around us it is necessary to observe microscopic specimens in as natural a state as possible. This requires a transition from imaging fixed to live specimens and expanding from 2D to 3D model organisms. The drive towards live-cell imaging over long timeframes and at high volume speeds brings new challenges. There is evidence that traditional imaging techniques can influence the behaviour of specimens due to phototoxicity, thus affecting the integrity of the results, and with the push to perform long-term volumetric imaging comes a need to analyze increasingly larger data sets.

This talk will describe how ZEISS Lattice Lighsheet 7 makes long-term volumetric imaging of living cells with subcellular resolution possible without having to change your standard sample preparation protocols to accommodate the instrument. With automatic alignment and easy acquisition workflows, lattice light sheet imaging is now as accessible as using a standard inverted microscope. ZEISS ZEN microscopy software and arivis Vision4D provide analysis pipelines which can easily be utilized to go from large image datasets to results.

Join us for this presentation to learn how accessible lattice light sheet technology and image analysis really are with ZEISS Lattice Lightsheet 7, ZEN microscopy software and arivis Vision4D.

Presented by: Renée Dalrymple, Ph.D., ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions

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Live Microscopy Workflow Sessions

As part of a commitment to sustainability, ZEISS has chosen not to ship instrumentation to BPS this year. We are excited to offer you an engaging and interactive alternative by connecting you directly with our microscopes and applications experts in Dublin, CA, directly from the tradeshow floor.


We're showcasing 2 workflow sessions at BPS. Learn more and request a session below:

  • Discover How Accessible Lattice Light Sheet Technology Really is with ZEISS Lattice Lightsheet 7

    See how to perform rapid volume imaging of even your most sensitive samples with next to no phototoxicity and bleaching.

  • Go Beyond the Diffraction Limit with ZEISS Elyra 7 with Lattice SIM²

    Explore your sample over different scales from high quality overview images to super-resolution of live samples with Lattice SIM² then quantify those results with image analysis tools.

Request a workflow session

Thank you for your interest!  Pre-registration is no longer available.  To request a workflow session at BPS, please stop by our booth #811!

You can also request an in-person or virtual demo with the ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center at your convenience:

Event Location

San Diego Convention Center

San Diego Convention Center, Halls B&C 111 W Harbor Dr 92101 San Diego, CA USA