XRM University: XRM 102 Context Operation

A ZMCC SkillBuilder Workshop

10am - 1pm PST

Workshop Overview & Agenda

ZEISS Xradia Context® micro-computed tomography (microCT) is an easy-to-use system for analysis of all types of samples. A high-array detector enables high resolution of fine details even with relatively large imaging volumes. The system features a large field of view, rapid sample mounting and alignment, streamlined acquisition workflow and fast exposure and data reconstruction times.

This workshop is an introduction to X-ray imaging with a focus on ZEISS Xradia Context MicroCT systems. No prior imaging background is assumed for attendees, but they are strongly recommended to have access to a Context system on the day of the workshop in order to maximize their learning.

This is a 3-hour with a short break

Topics that will be covered in this workshop include:

  • Basics of X-ray imaging, different X-ray imaging systems and their components
  • Context Operation: Choosing the right parameters (Objective, Filter, kV, number of projections) and setting up an optimized full field of view scan on a ZEISS Xradia Context MicroCT
  • Scout and Zoom: Finding the Region of Interest (ROI) inside of the sample and set up a higher resolution scan
  • Reconstruction Basics: Centershift, Beam Hardening, and how to improve your reconstruction results

Who should attend?

  • New users of ZEISS Xradia Context instruments
  • Infrequent Context users in need of a refresh on scan setup and optimization
  • Lab managers or technicians looking to improve their own skill level to better support and/or train other users of the instrument

Learning objectives after completion of this workshop, attendees should:

  • Have an improved understanding of the fundamentals of X-rays as an imaging modality
  • Improve their parameter selection to optimize the quality and contrast of their Context scan results
  • Be able to run basic reconstruction and modify the results if needed

This is a paid workshop.​
Spots are limited.​

Access to a ZEISS Xradia Context system is strongly recommended to apply lessons learned and share results with applications team for further support.​

Haolin Qu, PhD Applications Engineer

Haolin joined ZEISS XRM Applications team in 2022 and is responsible for both Versa and Context systems at Zeiss Microscopy Customer Center in California.   He has a background in petroleum engineering and has years of experience in computed tomography, X-ray microscopy, and image analysis in petrographic characterization and multiphase flow in porous media.

Workshop Location

ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center, Bay Area

ZMCC, Bay Area 5300 Central Pkwy 94568 Dublin, CA USA