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ZEN lite

Try out ZEN for free

ZEN lite the Free Microscope Software

ZEN lite

ZEN lite 2 Free Microscope Software

Key ZEN Features for Your Imaging Tasks

Download ZEN lite, your free copy of the powerful ZEN imaging software. Use this free microscope software to try out key features of the ZEN core package or simply install it as a viewer for your CZI files.

Use ZEN lite to:

  • Control AxioCam microscope cameras
  • Acquire images and simple video sequences
  • Measure distances and areas interactively
  • Open, edit and save CZI files and export into various formats
  • Create basic reports

Expand ZEN lite with selected modules: create impressive multichannel and time lapse images of your specimens or use extended measurement functions.



Ask your ZEISS contact about ZEN lite now!

ZEN 2012 SP2 - TIRF

TIRF Slider controls and Calibration Wizard

Pages 52
Filesize 3,937 kB
Revision 2014-02-10

ZEN 2012 SP2 - First steps with ZEN

Pages 42
Filesize 2,595 kB
Revision 2014-09-08

ZEN 2012 SP2 - Acquiring Panorama images with ZEN lite

Pages 42
Filesize 7,517 kB
Revision 2014-09-08

ZEN 2012 SP2 - Setting up Multi-Channel experiments with ZEN lite

Pages 32
Filesize 1,101 kB
Revision 2014-09-08

ZEN 2012 SP2 - Acquiring EDF images with ZEN lite

Pages 34
Filesize 3,572 kB
Revision 2014-09-08

Documentation of the CZI image format

Learn more about the CZI format and request a free licence