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Technical services

The mission of the ZEISS Technical Service organization is to ensure that we are highly responsive to each customer’s needs. In our Call Center, specialists provide triage services that are designed to optimize the service process and provide fast resolution. Our certified support engineers – who average 11 years of experience at ZEISS – can answer your technical questions and work to resolve your issues over the phone, online, or via email.

Should an on-site diagnosis or repair be requested, the call center will dispatch a field service engineer to you. The Call Center also works with our repair coordinator to arrange in-house factory repair service.1

Technical Services include:

  • Product Support
    Depending on the product, support is available via telephone, online, on-site, and in-house.
  • Software Support
    Please note that some software features require an active software license, which you can access by
    registering your product.
  • Networking Support
    A growing number of our customers have questions concerning the proper networking of their medical
    devices. Instructions on how to network the ZEISS devices in your practice are typically included in product documentation. However, should you need additional assistance, call us at 1 (800) 341-6968.
  • Data Transfer and Recovery Services
    During data transfer, we migrate patient files from one medium to another. This service is often used when customers upgrade to a more current instrument model, or when a new hard drive is required. During data recovery, we attempt to restore files from a storage medium, primarily due to hard drive failure or data corruption, which can occur as a result of faulty media, power failure, or user error.
  • Product Documentation
    Product service manuals cannot be accessed online, but can be purchased in CD format. A signed disclaimer is required prior to purchase fulfillment. To order documentation please fill out the Online Request for Support.

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Regular hours of operation
M-F, 5:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. PDT

24x7 after-hours support is available for emergencies

  • 1

    In-house repair is available for selected products.