For highest quality and maximum productivity The Ideal Measuring Room

The Ideal Measuring Room from ZEISS

From right temperature to correct calibration of styli - if you want to achieve highest quality and maximum productivity, you shall always consider the measuring environment and the suitable accessories. But what exactly is needed for that? Check out our video and learn more about the ideal measuring room.

Are you already exploiting the full potential of your measuring room?

Quite often, simple things, like checking the measuring machine regularly with a calibration artifact, are neglected. The ideal measuring room, however, is no ideal, which is unattainable. There are rather several smaller and bigger possibilities for everyone to optimize the own measuring room. ZEISS offers a range of accessories, which give everyone, who emphasizes precision and productivity, the possibility to come one step closer to the ideal measuring room.


Accessories for the ideal measuring room


This universal ZEISS software focuses on standard geometries. 

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ZEISS CARFIT ensures safe and quick mounting of workpieces.

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Reference Spheres

Reference spheres ensure the correct calibration of styli.

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Loading systems

Loading systems simplify the ergonomic loading of CMMs.

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With the stylus set-up device, the setting of angles can be done easily.

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Multi Sensor Rack

The probe and sensor changer  hold several styli. It accelerates the change of the styli.

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Multi Sensor Cabinet

Sensitive styli are best stored in a dust-free cabinet.

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Stylus Systems

The right composition of stylus systems is the base for exact measuring results.

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Pallets help fixturing the workpiece in advance and apart from the measuring machine.

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This software brings together all measuring data and evaluates them immediately. This simplifies the management of quality data.

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Calibration artifacts

The accuracy of measuring machines should be regularly checked with calibration artifacts. 

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The measuring environment has a great impact on the results. ZEISS TEMPAR helps to keep track of the conditions.

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