Metrology Specials

Offers available thru September 30, 2022

ZEISS Buy Back Plus Summer 2022 Special: Save up to $30,000 on a new CMM when you purchase by September 30, 2022 using the program.

Preserve the investment you’ve made in ZEISS CALYPSO measurement programs AND save thousands on the purchase of a new ZEISS CONTURA, ZEISS MICURA, ZEISS PRISMO FORTIS or VERITY or ULTRA. We will buy back your old CMM and give a you discount on your new one. There’s no better time to replace it with the latest technology. The program applies to these CMMs: 2007 or newer ZEISS CONTURA models, any older ZEISS MICURA, 2007 or newer ZEISS ACCURA 1 models, and 2007 or newer ZEISS PRISMO models.

ZEISS MICURA Summer 2022 Productivity Package: Save $15,000 on a new system when you purchase by September 30, 2022.

Maximum Precision for Small Parts—Despite its small size, ZEISS MICURA makes no compromises when it comes to accuracy. ZEISS MICURA comes standard with the VAST XT gold scanning sensor from ZEISS and navigator technology. Get active scanning for measuring up to 200 points/second with the ZEISS VAST XT gold or ZEISS VAST XTR gold. The machine has a very small footprint. Use CALYPSO 2022 software for measurement and reporting.

SURFCOM NEX 200 Summer 2022 Special: Save $5,000 on a new SURFCOM NEX 200 when you purchase by September 30, 2022.

Patented magnetic linear drive—The patented contact-free magnetic linear drive makes SURFCOM NEX highly efficient and low-maintenance. It enables a positioning speed that is up to seven times faster. Future-proof flexibility with two sizes of granite measuring table and three sizes of columns to choose from, multi-sensor capability with optical and tactile sensors, and styli exchangeable without tools or screws.

RONDCOM NEX Series Summer Productivity Special: Save $6,000 on a new system when you purchase by September 30, 2022.

Form tester with the highest accuracy in its class—The RONDCOM NEX series enables precise measurements of roundness and roughness in the R, T and Z axes and features best-in-class rotational accuracy. Single axis, double axis and three axis datum (air bearing spindle, column, radial arm). Workpiece alignment either manual with software assist or fully automatic. Transducer detector with interchangeable styli and wide measuring range. Powerful ACCTee Pro software for complete CNC measurement, analysis and reporting. Future-proof flexibility: wide variety of accessories and probe tooling for measurement of different workpieces, in a modular design with future upgrade flexibility.