Metrology Specials

Offers available thru March 31, 2022

Save $3,500 on a new ZEISS O-INSPECT when purchased by March 31, 2022.

It includes: O-INSPECT 322 Multi-sensor CMM, Standard CMM Base, VAST XXT Tactile Sensor, DISCOVERY V12 Camera, CALYPSO 2021 CNC Software & SMA, CALYPSO 2021 VAST Probing SMA, CALYPSO 2021 STEP Software & SMA, PiWeb Reporting Plus Software, PiWeb Reporting Plus 1st Year SMA, CALYPSO 2021 CURVE Software, CALYPSO 2021 CURVE Software & SMA, Performance Computer Running Windows 10, HD Flat Screen Monitor, Keyboard, Installation and Acceptance, and One-Year Limited Warranty.

Save $3,000 on a new ZEISS DuraMax when purchased by March 31, 2022!

Every system includes: ZEISS DuraMax CMM, VAST XXT Sensor, CALYPSO 2021 Software, CALYPSO 2021 1st Year SMA, PiWeb Reporting Plus Software, PiWeb Reporting Plus 1st Year SMA, Computer running Windows 10, 24” HD Flat Screen Monitor, English Keyboard and Printer, Installation and Acceptance, One-Year Limited Warranty.

Measure a wide variety of workpieces with a Surfcom NEX 200 and save $6750 when you purchase a system by March 31, 2022!

Surfcom NEX 200s include: Surfcom NEX 200 Base, Precision Linear Motor Digital Tracing Driver, Long Range LVDT Pickup, ACCTeePRO Surface Finish & Contour Software, Custom Reporting and Layout, Interface Unit with Connection Cables for Surface Finish/Contour, Calibration Set for Contour, Roughness Ra Specimen, Tool Kits with Standard Accessories, Technical Phone Support One (1) Year, Standard Warranty One (1) Year.

Purchase a new ZEISS SURFCOM NEX by March 31, 2022 and get our XY Cross Slide Rotary Table for free. Save $5,000.

With two different granite measuring table sizes and three different column sizes to choose from, ZEISS offers a wide range of solutions for various applications. Future-proof thanks to multi-sensor capability with optical and tactile sensors. All tactile styli are exchangeable without tools or screws.

Buy a new ZEISS METROTOM 1500 225kV by March 31, 2022. Save $25,000!

Get the hardware of our most advanced industrial CT system for measurement and image reconstruction. Optionally, you can add ZEISS CALYPSO and PiWeb, 3rd party software and fixturing to create a solution for your X-ray inspection and measurement needs. It includes: METROTOM 1500 225kV CT Machine, 225kV X-ray Source, 3072 x 3072 pixel Detector, METROTOM V3.10 Operating System, GOM Volume Inspect Software and SMA, HP Z8 V3 Reconstruction Computer, 27” Flat Panel Monitor, Reference Artifacts, Installation at Customer Site.