Fall 2019 Special Offers

Until December 31th, 2019!

ZEISS SPECTRUM Productivity Package Offer

Order a new ZEISS SPECTRUM CMM with RDS/XXT sensor with the SPECTRUM Productivity Package and save $4,200.

SPECTRUM Productivity Package Includes: CALYPSO 2019 CAD Model Converter, CALYPSO 2019 CAD Converter SMA (1 year), PiWeb Reporting Plus Software, PiWeb Reporting Plus SMA (1 year), MSR Mini Probe Rack, 3 RDS Probe Sockets, and VAST XXT Stylus Rack (holds 3 styli).

ZEISS O-INSPECT 543 With DotScan Sensor

Save 5.0% on the multi-sensor CMM with the sensor and rotary table!

Includes: O-INSPECT 543 System, Stylus Kit 1 (short styli), CALYPSO CNC Software and SMA (1 Year), CALYPSO STEP Import/Export and SMA (1 Year), PiWebReporter Plus and SMA (1 Year), CALYPSO Basic Training and O-INSPECT Optical Training at ZEISS, Choice of DotScan Sensor, Rotary table, CPU –Performance Computer, 23" Widescreen LCD Monitor, O-INSPECT Installation & Acceptance

ZEISS COMET 5 Value Package

Buy the 3D scanning system and get the first FOV lens FREE! Save $3,800!

COMET 5 scanner with modular FOV lenses. FOV Lens Choices Include: 45mm FOV, 75mm FOV, 100mm FOV, 250mm FOV or 500mm FOV. 


Buy select new ZEISS CMMs and get the package for FREE*. Save $7,900!

CALYPSO PLANNER allows you to create and test measurement plans, everything you do in ZEISS CALYPSO, in an offline mode. CALYPSO SIMULATION provides a simulation of the plan, allowing you to model your part and tooling and test them offline. CALYPSO Portable Security Key allows anyone to use CALYPSO PLANNER at different times. Prepare and test new plans while leaving your CMM free to measure. CALYPSO CAD Translator choice of IGES, VDA or STEP. Use PMI and upgrade to a Direct CAD Interface (CATIA V5, Solidworks, Siemens NX (UG) or Creo) for a special price.

ZEISS METROTOM 800 130kV Core System Package

Save $37,900 with the special package.

It gives you the hardware technology of our powerful industrial CT system for measurement and image reconstruction. You have the option to add ZEISS CALYPSO, ZEISS NEO Insights, or 3rd party software to create a complete solution for your inspection and measurement needs. It includes: METROTOM 800 130kV CT Machine, 130kV X-ray Source, 1536 x 1920 pixel Detector, Metrotom V3.6 Operating System, HP Z8 V1 Reconstruction Computer, HP Elite 27” Flat Panel Monitor, Calibration Artifact, Installation at Customer Site. 

ZEISS ECLIPSE Trade-In Program

Save $5,000 on the purchase of select, new ZEISS CMMs.

There’s no better time to replace your old ECLIPSE with a new ZEISS DURAMAX HTG, CONTURA, ACCURA, MICURA, or PRISMO CMM. The offer includes $5,000 towards the purchase of one of these systems and removal and disposal of your older ECLIPSE CMM (removal from your dock, rigging not included).