Do you want to start your metrology education, brush up on the basics, learn new technology and software functions or stay up to date with the current metrology know-how and standards? We offer a range of online courses such as AUKOM, GD&T or Software courses helping you to master your measurement tasks. Experience metrology in our virtual classroom. It’s almost like attending a classroom training – just online.

How You Benefit

  • Dial in to take part in a live online training course – no matter where you are
  • Save time and travel costs
  • Certified trainers with extensive hands-on experience as application engineers available online while you stay on site
  • You can interact with the trainers and other training participants virtually
  • We only allow a limited number of participants to ensure a great training experience
  • Receive a certificate at the end of each course

Why Book a Training?

As a metrologist or quality lab leader, you are responsible for ensuring the highest precision without impacting productivity. With our live online trainings you receive the most current knowledge and you will be able to master almost every measuring challenge.

How It Works

A live online training almost feels like a face-to-face training. The same trainer, the same content, the same learning objective - just online. We remotely stay by your side at your work or learning place. You can discuss with trainers and participants and ask questions.

After subscribing for a live online training, you will receive all of the relevant materials. The learning experience is a mix between lecture times, self-exercise, content-repeating and eLearning tutorials. At the end of the training you will receive a certificate.

Live Online Training Course Overview

Select the course that's right for you

We offer the same classes in the Live Online Training that have been provided in the traditional in-person classroom. Whether it's online or traditional classroom format, ZEISS has you covered with the courses containing the information to give you the skills you need:


  • AUKOM Level 1 Basics including online exam
  • AUKOM Level 2 Advanced including online exam
  • AUKOM Level 3 Expert Qualification including online exam
  • AUKOM GD&T including online exam


  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Curve
  • PiWeb
  • O-INSPECT Optics
  • GD&T (coming soon)
  • Freeform (coming soon)
  • PCM (coming soon)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum number of participants for the live online training courses?

The maximum number of participants is 2 PER MACHINE (or offline Seat of CALYPSO where applicable).

In which language are the training courses held?

We are currently only offering Live Online classes in English. Are you interested in training in another language, please contact us at software training @zeiss .com.

From a content perspective – is there a difference between classroom and live online training?

The learning format does not influence the content of the training. When a course (e.g. ZEISS CALYPSO Basic) is offered as a classroom and live online training, you can be assured that we teach exactly the same content. Note that the exercises and teaching methods are optimized for the live online training environment, as the classroom lectures and activities are not always as effective in other situations. 

How can I find out, whether I am registered for a training course?

You will receive a confirmation of your course registration by email. Your registration is only complete with this written confirmation.

How can I cancel a training course?

For the cancellation conditions, please refer to our CANCELLATION POLICY in the link below.

Will training documents be provided?

After registering for a live online training, you will receive all relevant materials.

How do I access the live online training?

After registering for a live online training, your instructor will contact you with important course information. You will receive an invitation with a link to GoToTraining or a comparable web-based tool. Your instructor will help you if there are problems accessing the training.

Are there any technical requirements and recommendations to ensure a great training experience?

To join the live online training, you will need a computer with a stable Internet connection, and preferably speakers and a microphone. You may join the training’s audio by phone if your computer does not have audio capabilities. Training can also be viewed via a Tablet or Smartphone app – your instructor will supply that information to you. Also, a quiet room helps to better focus on the training content during lecture times. Depending on the course, you may need to be able to use your physical CMM to complete exercises – internet connection at your CMM is preferred, but NOT NECESSARY.

For the AUKOM online exam you will need:

  • a quiet room that you can use alone during the test
  • a laptop with microphone, camera, stable internet connection and installed browser "Google Chrome" (without second screen)
  • your identity card to check the data
  • a smartphone where you can install the ProctorExam app