ZEISS Metrology Care

ZEISS Metrology Care​

Keeping Precision Precise

A trio of service packages to suit your specific needs

ZEISS Metrology Care CMM is the ideal service concept for your coordinate measuring machines. Comprising three perfectly tailored packages and drawing on over a century of experience in industrial metrology across the globe, it offers a terrifically simple and effective way to boost productivity while cutting costs and downtime. For maximum performance and peace of mind, look no further than the ZEISS service portfolio.

Good reasons for ZEISS Metrology Care

Good reasons for​

ZEISS Metrology Care​

Whatever the scope and setting of your operations, our three preconfigured packages promote an effective approach in which you only pay for the scope of service you truly need.​

Our planned preventive maintenance boosts efficiency by keeping your machines in optimum condition with up to 97% uptime – and you can also add optional services to your chosen package. For operational confidence, plannable cost of ownership, and machine precision, look no further than ZEISS Metrology Care.


  • Quicker response time

    Quicker response time

    Customers with a service agreement are given priority when it comes to repair and service visits. For on-site and remote assistance alike, our response time agreements and on-call services enable swift action that provides added security in critical situations.

  • Machine efficiency​

    Machine efficiency​

    Our trained technical service team ensures proper setup and optimum performance of your machine system in compliance with the factory specifications and norms. Regular services keep your machine in top conditions at all times.​

  • Cost reduction​

    Cost reduction​

    Cut repair costs – and avoid unplanned expenditure throughout the duration of the contract. Benefit from regular maintenance and calibration, which extends the service life, reduces the cost of ownership, and increases reliability.

  • A partner you can rely on

    A partner you can rely on​

    The whole ZEISS team is committed to providing the best possible solutions across the entire Machine life cycle. Continuous training, extensive hands-on experience, and transparent processes ensure sustainable outcomes.​

  • Maximum machine uptime​

    Maximum machine uptime​

    Having a routine maintenance schedule can increase the longevity of your machine and ensure optimal efficiency. Our service concept reaps immediate benefits as it results in higher uptime.

  • Worldwide service network​

    Worldwide service network​

    1,500+ service engineers. 60 Quality Excellence Centers. 3 central service hubs. ZEISS provides an extraordinarily comprehensive service program from a single source, meeting your global metrology needs while maintaining a dynamic regional structure.​

ZEISS Metrology Portal

Your digital access point to all metrology services

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