Quality Assurance for the Highest Medical Standards​
ZEISS Medical Industry Solutions​

Quality Assurance for the Highest Medical Standards

Clearing the hurdles of a regulation-driven industry

Your partner for quality assurance of medical devices

With its high regulatory requirements and many products that have a direct impact on the quality of peoples’ lives, the medical technology industry depends on reliable quality assurance systems.​

ZEISS understands the regulations, their requirements and the challenges faced by manufacturers and their quality departments. Our connected quality intelligence portfolio offers tailored hardware and software solutions that support industry standards and work as a coherent system to give the manufacturers the certainty they need to gain the productivity they desire.​

Quality solutions for different types of medical products​

Discover the quality gates and solutions for the production process of orthopedic implants

Orthopedic implants​

Achieving high precision implants

Joint, spinal or dental implants as well as bone plates and screws - there are many different product shapes, but the manufacturing processes of the metal components are mostly similar. ZEISS offers an holistic quality concept within the entire production process.

Learn more about quality assurance in tool manufacturing

Medical plastics​

High quality in precision injection molding

Producing medical plastics, medtech companies have to measure the smallest features, free forms, transparent parts or materials that are sensitive to bending. ZEISS offers efficient hardware and software for the production process from toolmaking to the finished injection molded medical plastic product.

Visualisation of structures in footware imprints with optical measurement systems


Investigative metrology

In forensic science, investigators and scientists analyse samples, marks, and traces recovered from crime scenes and individuals, and record their findings. ZEISS offers hardware and software solutions that support the investigation of crimes and accidents.

Regulatory requirements
Regulatory requirements

Regulatory requirements

The medical technology industry depends on reliable quality assurance systems to fulfill regulatoric requirements of the medical market. Discover how ZEISS supports you in fulfilling the requirements.​

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Shape the future of the medical industry together with your global partner ZEISS​

Medical parts are rarely produced in a single location. Yet measurement and inspection issues can pop up in any country and at any supplier. Our global network of application engineers and service are here to help solve your quality assurance challenges so you can keep traceability and quality at a consistently high level.​

  • 8

    ZEISS Medical Quality Excellence Centers with dedicated focus on quality solutions for medtech customers around the globe​

  • 10

    The global top 10 medical device manufacturers relay on ZEISS Medical Industry Solutions regardless if they use computed tomography, CMM, optical sensors, microscopes or software solutions​

  • > 1500

    solutions provided over the past years to support medical companies to improve their quality assurance​


A partnership in which constant cooperation, dialog, and the pursuit of progress result in innovation.​

Oliver Burgel

EVP, Gerresheimer AG​

See how other customers have experienced ZEISS Medical Industry Solutions​

ZEISS Axio Imager.Z2m for Industry use

AI automates testing of implant coatings

The medical technology group Smith+Nephew uses AI-supported light microscope ZEISS Axio Imager to inspect coated implants. The innovative solution has been handling image segmentation and is shortening the entire measurement process to just a few minutes.

Gerresheimer AG - Handle Challenging Quality Requirements in Medical Plastics with Responsibility

50 % shorter measuring time for medical plastics

Gerresheimer AG handles challenging quality requirements in medical plastics with responsibility. The company requires large numbers of fast and precise measurements on a wide variety of medical parts. With ZEISS they reduced their measurement time by 50 %.

Quality Data Management with ZEISS PiWeb

Prepared for Medical Audits Anytime: Quality Data Management with ZEISS PiWeb

6000 inspections per year - that's a lot of protocols due to regulatory requirements in medical technology industry. Find out how Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe manage their quality data with ZEISS PiWeb.

Quality assurance makes your heart beat faster

Quality assurance makes your heart beat faster

CardioBridge ensures its quality with ZEISS O-INSPECT and thus guarantees the perfect interaction of the precisely matched 50 individual parts.

Precision at every turn

Precision at every turn

The Icelandic company Össur measures components with complex geometries with ZEISS solutions and thus guarantees the quality of its high-tech prosthetics.

Precision that saves lives

Precision that saves lives

whr Hossinger Kunststofftechnik manufactures CPAP generators for premature babies.

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