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Precision and Safety at all Altitudes

Advanced metrology for aerospace 

ZEISS offers a range of tactile, optical, X-ray, and microscopy solutions. These provide in-depth insight for meeting all aerospace quality demands. Powerful software tools enable data collection, analysis, and reporting.

Advanced aerospace metrology solutions

From specific fuel consumption, noise level, and weight reduction to the demands of Industry 4.0, connected data, operational excellence, and digital twins, ZEISS Aerospace Solutions delivers precision and safety at all altitudes. Catering to research and development departments, production manufacturing environments, and maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) facilities, our solutions promptly generate precise information at all points throughout the product life cycle—the smart way to ensure regulatory compliance and efficiency.

Every component, every application in aerospace



Industry-proven and quality-tested

Aircraft must meet high-quality standards inside and outside due to their complex structures, systems, and interiors. Thousands of parts require customization. Metrology technology helps streamline aircraft development quality assurance, and maintenance checks.

Aircraft Engines

Aircraft Engines

Flawless quality solutions powered by precision

Offering advanced aerospace metrology solutions, ZEISS helps suppliers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) achieve higher productivity and precision in measurement and inspection tasks. This ensures the safety, durability, and fuel efficiency of aero engines.



Proven safety and design

Helicopters owe their versatility to the rotary wing, with each blade crucial to lifting and control. Precise manufacturing and high-quality maintenance are vital for safety and efficiency. As a new generation of aircraft emerges, this next-level accuracy is also essential for all rotary-wing models – including electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL).



Precision in space manufacturing and R&D

Precision is critical when manufacturing for space. Metrology products power outstanding accuracy for launch systems, satellites, sensors, and other payloads. These solutions support designing, modeling, manufacturing, and inspecting everything from small components to complete spacecraft.

New-generation ZEISS PRISMO CMM cuts measurement program time by 74%​


ZEISS | Starrag

Cooperation takes quality assurance in aerospace applications to new heights.​

In a ZEISS pilot project hosted by Starrag, the new-generation ZEISS PRISMO 7/12/7 fortis is equipped with the high-performance package ZEISS CMM Acceleration Mode for Aerospace Applications. This package breathtakingly combines accuracy and productivity. Benefits include a remarkable 80% reduction in the rotary table axis definition time and excellent interaction with ZEISS CALYPSO software.​

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