The full range of ZEISS measuring systems

Coordinate measuring machines (CMM)

Reliable and high-quality coordinate measuring technology

A wide variety of components are used in production every day. The demands on performance and quality are constantly increasing. This also has an impact on quality standards in industrial metrology. Coordinate measuring machines, or CMMs for short, are ideal for precisely measuring workpieces in any measuring environment. With a coordinate measuring machine from ZEISS, you can master your daily metrological challenges with high precision and can rely on ZEISS' many years of expertise and competence in industrial metrology. Find the right coordinate measuring machine for your application in the extensive ZEISS portfolio.


Bridge-type coordinate measuring machines

Efficient and precise measurement

Large coordinate measuring machines

Large coordinate measuring machines

Reliable testing of large components

ZEISS Shop Floor CMM

Shop floor measuring machines

Producing and measuring at the same place

Horizontal Arm CMMs

Horizontal arm CMMs

For inspection of hard-to-reach parts

Optische Koordinatenmessgeräte​

Optical vision measuring machines (VMMs)

High-precision optics for non-contact measurements

ZEISS Originals

ZEISS Originals​

Certified refurbished measuring devices

Tactile and Optical Probes on CMM

Tactile and optical probes and sensors

Upgrade your CMM with various probes

Automation & Integration

ZEISS Integration Series

Increase productivity with integration and automation solutions

Optical 3D Metrology

Optical 3D metrology

Industrial 3D measuring systems with high-speed technology

With advanced hardware and intelligent software, our non-contact measuring systems deliver repeatable and accurate 3D data for analyses and inspections. Globally, our solutions empower customers to improve product quality and streamline production processes.

Indstrial 3D scanning technology

Industrial 3D scanning

Ready for any challenge

Automated Solutions

Automated solutions

High speed automated measurements with the highest precision


3D testing​

Measure deformations in real time

3D Photogrammetry

Optical photogrammetry systems

Measuring system comes to the measurement object

ZEISS X-Ray Series

ZEISS X-Ray Series

Make the invisible visible

From plastic to metal or multi-material parts, X-ray technology provides a non-destructive way to thoroughly inspect parts layer by layer. Gain a complete insight into your part with a single scan, providing in-depth analysis of internal dimensions and defects - in either 2D or 3D.

2D X-Ray


Defect inspection in line with production



High-precision measurement technology & inspection

Connected mircoscopy

Connected Microscopy

Accelerate decision making

ZEISS offers dedicated industrial microscopy ​solutions for users in different departments:​

  • research and development​
  • materials and quality labs​
  • incoming goods inspection​
  • metrology labs and at line inspection​
  • ZEISS Industrial Microscopy Series offers unrivalled connectivity across departments.​
ZEISS Solutions for Technical Cleanliness.​

ZEISS Solutions for Technical Cleanliness

Identify root causes. ​Make the right decisions faster.

ZEISS Solutions for Materialography.​

ZEISS Solutions for Materialography

Materials get complex.​ Analysis gets simple.

ZEISS Solutions for Surface and Roughness.​

ZEISS Solutions for Surface and Roughness

In-depth surface​ understanding.​

ZEISS Solutions for​ Optical Inspection.​

ZEISS Solutions for Optical Inspection

Optical inspection ​and documentation​.

Optical measurement with ZEISS INSPECT duo​

Optical measurement with ZEISS O-INSPECT duo​

Inspecting large and small parts automatically? Works.