ZEISS X-Ray Series

ZEISS X-Ray Series

Make the invisible visible

Explore our X-ray portfolio – from 2D to 3D

From plastic to metal or multi-material parts, X-ray technology provides a non-destructive way to thoroughly inspect parts layer by layer. Gain a complete insight into your part with a single scan, providing in-depth analysis of internal dimensions and defects – in either 2D or 3D.

2D X-Ray

Defect inspection in line with production

The robust and reliable 2D X-ray solutions of the ZEISS BOSELLO product family are specially designed for fast defect detection in tough production environments. With ZEISS BOSELLO, automated or manual non-destructive 2D X-ray inspection as well as high throughput and productivity are guaranteed – thanks to quick loading and unloading, fast cycle times and flexible applications directly inline or near production.


High-precision metrology and inspection

Whether plastic, metal, or multi-material, 3D X-ray systems inspect your parts quickly and reliably. They give you perfect insight and provide non-destructive testing of both, the external and internal structures of your components.​
Its robust design and calibration ensure full traceability, while its linear guides and rotary table meet the highest precision requirements.

ZEISS Xradia
X-Ray Microscopy

ZEISS Xradia

3D X-ray microscopy is a technology that provides comprehensive imagery of samples in the sub-micrometer range. It enables a thorough inspection of components such as battery modules, fuel cells, electronic components, camera modules and much more. By using high-resolution defect and material analysis, detailed examinations can be carried out down to the sub-micron range.

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