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Your individual metrology training

As a metrology technician or quality lab leader, you are responsible for precise measurement results and efficient measurement processes. To do this, you have to put your metrology skills and technical know-how into practice every day. This makes continuous training in relevant areas of metrology even more important to keep your knowledge up to date.

The ZEISS Academy Metrology supports you in every measuring challenge and enables you to continuously develop your metrology knowledge and skills. With over 35 years of experience in metrology training, ZEISS is your competent partner. Turn into an indispensable asset in your company: become the solution.

  • ZEISS Academy

    ZEISS Academy Metrology

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    ZEISS Quality Training Center

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Our digital training offer

Expand your knowledge - anytime, anywhere! In the ZEISS Academy Metrology, you will find a variety of continuing metrology online courses in addition to our training courses, which you can take advantage of wherever you are.

Learning formats tailored to your needs

At one of our training locations or in person at your site. With the ZEISS Academy Metrology, more than 400 certified trainers are available to you at 63 training locations in 25 countries. Book your metrology training directly at one of our ZEISS Quality Excellence Centers near you or arrange on-site training courses at your company.

The ZEISS Portal: your path to expertise

On the ZEISS portal, you will find the entire range of our metrology classroom training courses, live online seminars, eLearnings and video tutorials for your next training in metrology. Find out about the next dates and available places and book your next training course immediately.

For your company, your expertise & your career

For your company, your expertise & your career

Become an expert in your company and not only expand your knowledge for daily measurements, but also stay up to date with the latest trends and standards. With our range of training courses, you decide for yourself which classes are best for you as a measurement technician in your field.


The benefits offered by metrology training from the ZEISS Academy Metrology

  • Become smarter

    Become smarter


    Our metrology training provides metrologists with step-by-step, practical solutions that they can apply to their everyday measurements. You will also expand your knowledge to include the latest trends and technologies in metrology. Choose your suitable training from a variety of metrology courses on basic skills, software, accessories, or sensors.

  • Be informed

    Be informed


    Career starter, experienced coordinate metrology technician or training to become a ZEISS measuring technician: choose the right learning path for your level of knowledge, specialization and career path. Upon completion of your metrology training, you will receive a globally recognized certificate proving your competence as a technician.

  • Become an expert

    Become an expert


    As a measurement technician, become an expert in your field with each training session. Our trainers use measurement equipment themselves on a daily basis and answer all your questions in our classroom or live online training sessions. To supplement and expand your knowledge, you can also find answers to metrology questions in your everyday life in our books, eBooks, or apps. With our eLearning offerings, you can also expand your skills and knowledge independently via various metrology courses.

More expertise for more productivity

More expertise for more productivity

Precision, productivity, competitiveness: your company is only as good as your employees. Through continuous metrology training, your team is always up to date with the latest measurement technology. Expert knowledge of software, devices and accessories ensure precise measurements, error-free measurement data and an efficient quality management laboratory.


How your company benefits from the metrology training of your employees

  • Drive productivity

    Drive productivity

    Increased productivity thanks to competent specialists: good metrological expertise of your employees leads to more stable processes and a more efficient quality management laboratory. With our practice-relevant metrology seminars and trainings, you ensure that your technicians deliver precise and standard-compliant measurement data and that user errors are avoided.

  • Gain competitive advantage

    Gain competitive advantage

    As part of each training, our certified experts provide customized training courses for leading edge companies with ambitious metrology demands. Use the continuous training of your employees to keep your quality management up to date. Your systems, equipment and software are always changing and should grow with your company. Ensure your competitiveness in the metrology industry through continuous training!

  • Establish global standards

    Establish global standards

    Your company has multiple locations worldwide? With more than 60 training locations of the ZEISS Academy Metrology in 29 countries with over 370 certified trainers, you can ensure that all metrology technicians worldwide are provided with the same knowledge. If one of the locations is not yet close enough for you, our trainers can also hold the metrology seminars and training courses tailored to your needs at your company. This gives your employees the opportunity to practice directly with your workpieces and equipment.

Qualification as ZEISS Metrologist

Qualification as ZEISS Metrologist

Support your production process and ensure your quality with reliable, meaningful measurement results.

These are the skills that distinguish you:

  • You have measurement strategy competence as well as basic knowledge of standards and terminology through AUKOM seminars.
  • You master your measurement and reporting software confidently and comprehensively
  • You can confidently interpret GD&T symbols according to ISO-GPS and ASME thanks to your basic and software knowledge

Minimum requirements for the ZEISS Metrologist Certificate:

  • AUKOM 1, 2, GD&T, update if applicable (AUKOM Measurement Technician Certificate).
  • Measurement software courses Level 1 and 2 (e.g. CALYPSO 1, 2, GD&T, Reporting)


two years. The validity is extended by a further two years through participation in further training courses or information events.

ZEISS Metrologists stay up-to-date:

  • through software update training courses - whether live online, as eLearning or in person
  • through AUKOM update seminars
  • through participation in the ZEISS Community

Measuringhero vlogs

  • What is AUKOM?!
  • What is AUKOM?!
  • Did Jay pass AUKOM level 1?!
  • Anywhere and anytime?!


  • Geometry Inspection Learning Path

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  • GPS Poster 2023, EN

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  • Surface Inspection Learning Path

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  • X-Ray Inspection Learning Path

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  • ZEISS ACADEMY METROLOGY Training Guide Digital EN

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