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Basic knowledge on-demand

What’s the standard method of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing? Which symbols represent which tolerances? Need quick answers to your questions? You can use our apps and e-books to look up metrology information anytime.

Quality Solutions Apps

Receive basic knowledge on demand about roughness, computed tomography, GD&T and gear metrology or have access to the most common measurement strategies in our Cookbook app. Download our Apps in the App Store or Google Play Store.

Gear Metrology

Gear measurement - the basics at a glance

This app offers a look at industrial gear metrology. It helps assess measurements and explains typical parameters such as tooth traces, circular run-out radials and tooth thickness.


The most common surface parameters

When it comes to the surface of workpieces, a large number of surface parameters are required in design and manufacture. The roughness app from ZEISS provides information on the most common surface parameters.

Cookbook App

Measuring strategies for tactile Coordinate Metrology

The Cookbook app gives you the most common measurement strategies, enabling coordinate measuring machine operators to design the measuring run and perform and evaluate the measurement.


Dimensioning and tolerancing according to ISO 1101

This app describes a large range of definitions of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing and supports engineers and employees as a multimedia reference book.

In the Pro version, you have access to additional videos and content.

CT Basics

For a basic understanding of industrial computed tomography

The app is ideal for acquiring basic knowledge of industrial computed tomography. You will learn about topics such as using X-ray radiation, the measuring process and subsequent analysis. A glossary explains specialist terms like beam hardening, binning and defocusing.

ZEISS eBooks

Do you sometimes need additional information? Then look no further than our e-books. Explore our specialist literature which gives you an in-depth look at the world of metrology. Be it on your smartphone or tablet, the e-book provides you with all the essential information without delay. You can also get a printed copy in our ZEISS Webshop.

Measurement Strategies

in contact coordinate metrology

Increase the comparability of your measurements: the ZEISS ACADEMY METROLOGY e-book gives you ideas on how to define and document measurement strategies. These include clamping, reference definition, probing, evaluation and presentation of results.

Download here:

Standard-compliant tolerancing, form and location tolerancing

Possibilities of the new GPS standards

The ebook looks at the different aspects of dimensioning and tolerancing workpieces to ensure functionality, production stability and, most importantly, compliance with standards. An overview of the international GPS standards (incl. the differences to ASME standardization) is also provided. 14 rules on test-compliant tolerancing are then derived and explained.

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