Mastering Decarbonization Together

As decarbonization reshapes our world, it is not just an environmental imperative, but also a catalyst for innovation. This transformation is giving rise to new products and technologies, which require modernized approaches for quality assurance from product development to production – at ZEISS, we are at the forefront of this change, enabling industries with our advanced metrology solutions.

How our metrology solutions contribute to decarbonization

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Enabling product innovations

Enabling product innovations

Decarbonization is a global trend that drives innovation across continuously evolving markets including New Energy Vehicles, Power & Energy and Aerospace. Emerging products and technologies such as batteries, e-motors and electrolyzers require high-precision metrology to ensure their quality and performance.

From materials testing and product development to production and maintenance, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of advanced metrology solutions. With that, we enable our customers to innovate towards reducing global emissions through reliable quality assurance that is adapted to the changing needs of our world.

Increasing product efficiency

Increasing product efficiency

Efficiency gains play a pivotal role in achieving global carbon footprint reduction. To gain more product efficiency, high-precision metrology with tighter tolerancing is essential for the accurate measurement of individual parts.

For example, hundreds of hairpins inside the stator need to meet the strictest dimension requirements to enable efficient performance of e-motors. Similarly, the optimal operation of an aero engine relies heavily on the quality inspection of thousands of compressor blades. This is where we support our customers with a comprehensive hardware and software portfolio covering different metrology technologies for every manufacturing step. As a result, our solutions contribute to longer product life cycles, increased battery ranges, reduced fuel consumption and further resource savings.

Driving production efficiency

Driving production efficiency

Holistic quality inspection is crucial to ensure process and material efficiency in manufacturing. The early detection of defects significantly reduces scrap rates from raw materials to final assembly in sync with the production cycle. Our advanced metrology solutions are a vital catalyst to enable intelligent and quick process corrections in the production line, that result in resource, time, and cost savings.

Considering the full potential of efficient manufacturing, energy consumption plays an important role – with energy-saving features, such as ZEISS PowerSaver and ZEISS AirSaver offered in parts of our portfolio, we ensure minimized consumption during standstill.

ZEISS Group targets 2025

  • CO2-neutral

    Scope 1 and 2

  • -10%

    waste reduction*

  • -20%

    energy consumption reduction*

  • 1

    *relative to value added in FY 2018/19

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