ZEISS Car Body Solutions

Efficient production of car bodies

Automated measurement technology for quality control in production

In order to produce competitive, safe, efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles, the automotive industry is under constant pressure to find solutions to a wide range of challenges: Reducing emissions requires innovative materials and construction methods. With the transition to electric vehicles, large batteries need to be integrated into the car body. In addition, modern vehicles are equipped with a variety of functions and technologies that also need to be integrated into the body. Increased demands on safety, aerodynamics and design are leading to more complex car body geometries. In order to meet the various requirements of the global markets, a high degree of flexibility is also required in car body design.

Once the vehicle design is complete and the individual components have been designed, all materials selected and the necessary tools, matrices and molds provided, the vehicle can go into series production.

Efficient quality controls in the production and manufacturing process

Increased efficiency in press shops

Inspecting surfaces and edges

A reliable inspection workflow for sheet metal components enables the validation of surfaces and sharp edges.

Wide range of variants in car body manufacturing

Inspecting assembly and welding processes

More modularity and a greater variety of variants in production require flexible quality assurance.

Paint shop

Precision in the painting process

Inline inspections during the painting process detect defects at an early stage of the production cycle and enable immediate corrective action.

Digital assembly

Quality control based on 3D data

Precise 3D data of each individual component of an assembly makes physical fixtures superfluous.

Service, software, fixtures, reporting, and quality data management

3D inline inspection in the production cycle

Inline inspection

Fast atline measurements

Coordinate measuring technology near production

Highest precision in the measuring room

Multidimensional measurement technology in the measuring room

ZEISS Automated Inspection

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