Digital assembly
Car body

Digital assembly

Precise quality control based on 3D data

Virtual data replaces master jig and cubing

Assembly is the final step in the manufacturing process and marks the end of production. Careful assembly is crucial for the quality, safety and reliability of the vehicle, which is now ready for use on the road.

During assembly, the individually manufactured components are put together to form assemblies or the complete product and analyzed to determine how they interact. Complex measuring devices such as master jigs and cubing are often used for this purpose. Handling them requires specialist knowledge. In addition, the result is often influenced by the respective employee. 3D digitization with ZEISS measurement technology makes it possible to eliminate these physical devices and instead easily inspect the assembly virtually. Physical fixtures become completely superfluous thanks to precise 3D data for each individual component of an assembly. ZEISS INSPECT provides the central interface for the virtual assembly of the individual components.

Assembly through virtualization

Quick and easy analysis with ZEISS INSPECT

During assembly, physical clamping devices are used to check how well the various components fit together for assembly or how well an individual component fits the CAD model. With ZEISS measurement technology, the assembly analysis can be completely virtualized.

Virtual inspection of the sub-assembly

Efficient inspection with ZEISS INSPECT

In the assembly analysis, the joints master jig is used to examine whether the individual components can be joined to form sub-assemblies. The joints master jig can be replaced by using ZEISS measuring technology. The analyses are carried out on a virtual basis.

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