Versatile scanner for industrial demands

Due to its advanced camera technology, a strong light source, and powerful software, ATOS 5 achieves a new level of performance, especially when measuring shiny and dark surfaces, fine structures, and edges. The technology accelerates the total measuring time while providing precise 3D measuring data at the same time.

  • Fast measurements​
  • Variable system ​
  • Comprehensive process and quality control​

ATOS 5 accelerates production processes​

ATOS 5 delivers full-field 3D scans: of tools and molds, plastic and metal parts. The data enables comprehensive process and quality control by making errors and defects visible.​

Full-field 3D scans​

Speed up your measurements​

Full-field 3D scans​

ATOS 5 accelerates the inspection process. The system achieves short exposure times, even on shiny and dark surfaces. Thanks to its large measuring areas, the optical 3D scanner becomes even faster, allowing you to obtain 3D data quickly and thus increase productivity.​

Robust precision​

Robust precision​

Developed for industrial use​

ATOS 5 meets the high metrological requirements of industrial users. The system provides absolute and traceable measurement data even under harsh conditions. With its stereo camera setup, ATOS 5 includes a built-in, sensor-controlled reliability monitor for measurements. Our integrated software provides you with ongoing feedback on calibration status, the measurement accuracy, environmental changes, and part movements.

Versatile all-rounder​

Growing with your needs​

Choose ATOS 5 to combine flexibility with precision. Whether on the shop floor or in a measuring room, manual or automated, the system handles complex inspection tasks. Stationary in a measuring room or mobile in production, it adapts to your needs. If you're aiming for higher efficiency during series production, ATOS 5 enables automated quality control within the standardized ScanBox measuring machines.

Performance boost ​

Graphics card accelerates measurements​

The ZEISS INSPECT software uses the computing power of the graphics card. Due to the large number of cores on the GPU, individual scans are processed faster. This significantly reduces the total measuring time. Combined with its powerful light source and camera technology, ATOS 5 reaches a new level of performance with this GPU acceleration.

Extension with photogrammetry​

Extension with photogrammetry​

For large and complex components​

Upgrade your measurement capabilities by integrating the TRITOP optical photogrammetry system. As an extension for ATOS 5, this portable solution excels in capturing reference point fields, making it perfect for inspecting large and intricate components. Utilizing these reference points, ATOS 5 automatically transforms individual measurements, guaranteeing high accuracy in your measurements.

ATOS technology​

ATOS 5 operates with structured blue light for contactless measurement. An individual measurement consists of up to 12 million independent measuring points. Define accuracy, resolution and the size of the measuring area according to your requirements. This not only enables high resolution for complex, detailed parts but also ensures swift digitizing of large parts.

Short exposure times​
Housing protected from dust and splash water​
Robust precision
Changeable measuring volumes​
Flexible measuring areas
Projection of very small fringes per unit area​
High detail resolution

Effective tool for analysis

ZEISS INSPECT offers everything from a single source

Scanning, inspection and reporting: The software guides you through the entire workflow. Examine nominal-actual comparisons as well as GD&T tolerances. Implement necessary corrections directly thanks to easy-to-understand results. Use ZEISS INSPECT to analyze completely, receive comprehensive reporting and integrate measurement results into existing processes.

Designed for a wide range of tasks​

  • Casting and forging​

    Casting and forging​

    Shorter measurement and inspection times in sand casting, die casting and investment casting as well as in the forging industry​

  • Metal forming​

    Metal forming​

    Efficient quality control from toolmaking and try-out, first article inspection and serial inspection to assembly​

  • Plastics


    Optimization in all phases of injection molding, blow molding and thermoforming​

  • Additive manufacturing​

    Additive manufacturing​

    Speed up product development and launch with high-resolution polygon meshes (STL files) for 3D printing, milling, additive manufacturing and dimensional inspection.​

ATOS 5 product family

Industrial 3D metrology with high-speed technology

ATOS 5 for Airfoil
ATOS 5 for Airfoil

Technical data

Your system for:

3D scanning for very large volumes

precise scanning of smallest details

high-speed 3D scanning system

automated scanning for large volumes

Light source





Measuring points per scan

12 m

12 m

8 or 12 m

12 m

Working distance

1810 mm

530 mm

880 mm

880 mm

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