Optical 3D measuring machine for efficient production control

Customized 3D measuring machines for industries with high demands

Fast automated measurements with highest precision: ZEISS ScanBox is an all-in-one solution for an efficient quality control in production and manufacturing processes. The standardized 3D measuring machines for different applications and parts sizes – from locking hooks to complete car bodies – offer an all-in-one solution: Programming, automated digitizing, inspection and reporting. Thanks to an intuitive user interface and the virtual measuring room (VMR) as the central control and measurement planning software, the machines are easy to use. ZEISS ScanBox provides fully automated full-field deviations between the actual 3D coordinates and the CAD data in a short amount of time. Additionally, the powerful all-in-one software ZEISS INSPECT derives GD&T information, trimming and hole positions. Next to it ZEISS ScanBox inspects easily bolts, threads, standard geometries and more than 1000 measurement features. 

ZEISS ScanBox Series 4

ATOS ScanBox Series 4

The compact ATOS ScanBox 4105 system allows for location-independent 3D inspection of small and complex parts up to 500 mm in size.

ZEISS ScanBox for eMotors

ZEISS ScanBox for eMotors

In a very short time, ZEISS ScanBox for eMotors enables the fully automated digitization of hairpins and stators.

ZEISS ScanBox Series 5

ZEISS ScanBox Series 5

ZEISS ScanBox Series 5 for the inspection of complex parts offers numerous options for individual upgrades.

ZEISS ScanBox Series 5 RC

ZEISS ScanBox Series 5 RC

Parts can be loaded by a robot or an individually configured feeding system through the motorized sliding door and placed on the rotation table module.

ZEISS ScanBox Series 6

ATOS ScanBox Series 6

The automated shop floor metrology systems were developed specifically for measurements of large and heavy components. Inspection times are shortened, scrap production and rework are reduced to a minimum.

ZEISS ScanBox Series 7

ATOS ScanBox Series 7

Thanks to an innovative 8-axis kinematics and very flexible sensor positioning ATOS ScanBox Series 7 realizes full-field analysis measurements of large parts such as automobile side panels.

ZEISS ScanBox Series 8

ATOS ScanBox Series 8

The two 8-axis kinematics of the ATOS ScanBox Series 8 enable full-field digitizing of entire car bodies – from above, below, from the side and from the inside.

Five reasons for automated quality assurance

Automated quality assurance processes play a central role for the economic success in the production environment. They ensure that sources of error can be identified at an early stage and necessary correction measures can be implemented. The ZEISS ScanBox optical measuring machine is the ideal solution for efficient quality control in the production process of both small and large parts.

  • Accelerated measuring times

    Accelerated measuring times

    50 – 80 % faster compared to traditional metrology

    While mechanical measuring systems capture data in a point-based or linear manner, the optical 3D measuring machine ZEISS ScanBox provides full-field 3D measurement coordinates. The resulting 3D model can be compared with the CAD model. This allows you to detect deviations and identify defects such as deformations. With ZEISS ScanBox you can measure and inspect your parts 50 to 80 % faster than with traditional methods.

    Your advantage: Faster results and less scrap

  • Easy operation

    Easy operation

    Automated process control at the touch of a button

    ZEISS ScanBox can be programmed and controlled via a simple user interface, the Kiosk Interface. Plan your measurement sequences with just a few clicks and then execute them automatically in the virtual measuring room (VMR) in ZEISS INSPECT. The Smart Teach functionality in the VMR simplifies the creation of robot programs. Your employees do not need any special robot expertise to do this.

    Your advantage: Reliable series inspection, no expert skills required

  • Numerous applications

    Numerous applications

    Large variety of applications – from toys to body-in-white

    ZEISS ScanBox is available in various models for different part sizes and applications. Allround systems are available as well as specialized solutions for specific requirements. The ZEISS ScanBox systems for small parts are compact, while the larger 3D measuring machines can be used in a fixed position for quality assurance in production. They also serve perfectly for tool try-out and product development.

    Your advantage: Customized solutions also for your industry

  • Effective analysis tool

    Effective analysis tool

    All-in one: scanning, inspection and reporting

    Our strength is the combination of hardware and software: ZEISS ScanBox covers all process steps - from programming and automated digitization to inspection and reporting. The software ZEISS INSPECT automatically generates GD&T information as well as trimming and hole positions. This allows you to implement necessary corrections directly thanks to easy to understand results.

    Your advantage: Complete solution for simple or complex inspections

  • Be in good company

    Be in good company

    OEM proven and high reputation worldwide

    In production, the 3D measuring machine convinces with robustness, its measuring speed and the compensation of temperature fluctuations. Even under harsh conditions you get traceable results. Today, ZEISS ScanBox has already established itself worldwide as the preferred measuring system for production control and quality assurance in a wide range of industries, such as automotive, aerospace or energy.

    Your advantage: High process reliability and long-lasting system runtime

Virtual Measuring Room in ZESS INSPECT

Virtual measuring room in ZEISS Inspect Pro

Real environment in a virtual simulation

The virtual measuring room (VMR) is the central control and measurement planning software for all elements of the optical 3D measuring machines. It represents the real environment in a virtual simulation. The VMR consists of a robot with one sensor, the programming, including the kinematics of the robot paths, the part and the measurement plan. Thanks to the VMR, the user does not need any special robot skills. All robot movements are simulated in the virtual measuring room before execution and checked for safety.

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Marcus Nickel, Optical Metrology Specialist, Buderus Guss

ScanBox enables us to digitize a complete part in little or no time to create GD&Ts as well as sections or false-color comparisons afterwards in order to determine various drawing dimensions.

Marcel Nickel

Optical Metrology Specialist, Buderus Guss

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