Optical 3D Metrology

Optical 3D Metrology

Industrial 3D measuring systems with high-speed technology

Enhancing product quality through 3D data​

With advanced hardware and intelligent software, our non-contact measuring systems deliver repeatable and accurate 3D data for analyses and inspections. Globally, our solutions empower customers to improve product quality and streamline production processes.

ATOS series​
ATOS series

Industrial 3D scanning technology

Explore the ATOS series of industrial non-contact 3D scanners, using structured blue light for rapid, high-resolution scans. Versatile and adaptable, ATOS scanners tackle complex measuring and inspection challenges across diverse industries.

ZEISS ScanCobot​

ZEISS ScanCobot​

Learn more about ZEISS ScanCobot - a mobile measuring station with a collaborative robot, motorized rotation table and powerful software. The system is especially suited for the efficient quality control of small and medium-sized parts made of plastic, metal or cast iron.

ScanBox series


Experience automated measurements with ScanBox, your all-in-one solution for efficient quality control in production and manufacturing. With 11 variants catering to diverse applications and part sizes, our standardized measuring machines provide the complete package: programming, automated digitizing, inspection, and reporting.


ZEISS inline solutions

With the rapid evolution of manufacturing, demand for fully integrated metrology systems is on the rise. Our inline solutions revolutionize production control by boosting the number of measured parts and at the same time, ensuring reliable and conclusive measurement data for series production.​

ARAMIS 3D Camera

ARAMIS 3D Camera

The ARAMIS high-resolution 3D camera system is employed for testing applications in industrial environments, providing dynamic measurements of 3D coordinates, displacements, and surface strain. Tailored configurations make ARAMIS the ultimate solution for a wide range of testing tasks.



Explore the power of ARGUS, a forming analysis system that delivers precise results of the surface strain on sheet metal components. The full-field results with high local image resolution enable the measurement of small and large components optimizing forming processes and simulation validation.​



Experience the portable TRITOP system, swiftly measuring three-dimensional coordinates of individual points on objects and components through photogrammetry. As a mobile system, TRITOP is ideal for tasks in 3D coordinate metrology and 3D testing.



Introducing PONTOS Live, a tracking system designed specifically for live part positioning in production environments. Through dynamic referencing, the optical sensor continuously tracks the measuring object, ensuring precision in real-time measurements.

Do you know ZEISS INSPECT​?

The metrology software for all challenges

  • One intuitive software for all your measurement tasks
  • Compatible with any 3D measurement data
  • Increased efficiency in the visualization and evaluation
    of your measurement data

Insights and information​

Download valuable knowledge about optical 3D metrology​

  • ZEISS ScanBox Brochure EN

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  • ZEISS TRITOP Brochure EN

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  • ZEISS ATOS 5 Brochure EN

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