Indstrial 3D scanning technology

Industrial 3D Scanning

Ready for any challenge

Speed up your production processes​

Powered by advanced camera technology, a robust light source, and powerful software, our systems deliver full-field 3D scans. Experience rapid, high-resolution data, enabling comprehensive process and quality control across diverse industries.​


High-speed 3D scanning system for industrial applications, precise coverage of complex geometries.


for automotive car body inspection

ATOS 5 for Airfoil

Tailor-made for gas turbine industry


The specialist for 3D scanning of large-volume parts

ATOS Compact Scan

Mobile 3D scanner for versatile applications


The high performer of industrial 3D scanning


Your go-to for 3D scanning

The #HandsOnMetrology 3D scanning portfolio

Get your hands on our versatile 3D scanning solutions at #HandsOnMetrology. Whether the hand-held 3D laser scanner ZEISS T-SCAN hawk 2, or compact and highly accurate 3D scanners, such as ATOS Q or GOM Scan 1 - at #HandsOnMetrology you will find the right solution for your 3D scanning task.

Advanced hardware, intelligent software​

Delivering precise scans with detailed resolution at high speed

  • Triple scan principle​

    Using innovative projection technology and two high-resolution cameras the systems measure reflective surfaces and indentations effectively.​

  • Built-in reliability monitor

    Our integrated software provides you with ongoing feedback on calibration status, the measurement accuracy, environmental changes, and part movements.​

  • High-speed measurements​

    Using structured blue light, our sensors deliver full-field 3D coordinates in seconds. Amplifying the brightness of the light source enables swift measurements with short exposure times.​


Effective tool for analysis

Operating with ZEISS INSPECT, the widely recognized standard in 3D metrology, our sensors seamlessly guide you through the complete workflow of scanning, inspection, and reporting.​

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