Quality Control in the Electronics Industry

Quality Control in the Electronics Industry

Electrify quality assurance

Metrology solutions for electronics

ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions Electronics is able to provide a complete range of quality solutions covering the electronics industry from R&D design to mass production, including industrial microscopes, 3D scanning systems, CMMs and industrial CT metrology systems at every stage of the electronics production process, helping customers to optimize production processes, improve product quality, and reduce product rework and customer complaints.

The solutions cover products from consumer electronics, and automotive electronics to telecom electronics industries, and run through the entire process from product development to design verification testing to mass production quality inspection, including dimensional measurement, assembly inspection, non-destructive analysis of modules, defect analysis, failure analysis, and other means to achieve efficient quality control. Finally, through the complete connected quality portfolio, ZEISS understands the value and importance of identifying the root cause of problems, improving product yield, optimizing production efficiency and reducing overall costs for our customers.

ZEISS Industrial Quality solutions for electronics

Electrify quality assurance

For structural components

Structural parts play an important role in the electronics industry. For example, the housing of smartphones, smartwatches, laptops, load the critical electronic components in an extremely small space.

The quality assurance of structural components is very important, any defects in metrology or appearance will impact the entire product.

Electrify quality assurance

For printed circuit boards

As a leading manufacturer of quality solution, ZEISS offers inspiring solutions and services for your printed circuit board production process. Reliable ZEISS systems are used for printed circuit board companies worldwide.

Electrify quality assurance

For camera module

The manufacturing of a camera module poses many challenges which are specific to this industry. As the use of camera modules extends into electronics, the need for miniaturization has further complicated matters for lens lens module manufacturers.

These demands span the entire value chain from design and manufacturing through to final inspection. ZEISS understands these specific manufacturing requirements.

Electrify quality assurance

For electrical connector

As electrical connectors module parts are rarely produced in a single location, measurement and inspection issues can occur in any country and at any supplier. Our global network of application engineers and service technicians provide quality assurance solutions to help you keep traceability and quality at a consistently high level.

ZEISS electronics solutions

  • Electrify Quality Assurance

  • Electronics connector

  • Electrical Connector Quality Solutions (video image)
    Electrify Quality Assurance
  • Focusing on precision detection and guarding industry safety
    ZEISS Electronics connector

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Shape the future of the electronics industry together with ZEISS

Electronics parts are rarely produced in a single location. Yet measurement and inspection issues can pop up in any country and at any supplier. Our global network of application engineers and service are here to help solve your quality assurance challenges so you can keep traceability and quality at a consistently high level.

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