Forensics - Technology for Crime Scene and​ Accident Investigations

Investigative metrology

In forensic science, investigators and scientists analyse samples, marks and traces recovered from crime scenes and individuals in a defined and logical manner, recording the findings. Analysis of these samples can allow the scientists to report facts or their conclusions about the evidence recovered in relation to the suggested course of events. These evidential findings and the associated reports can be presented to courts where guilt or innocence are decided. Forensic science is wide ranging discipline, which can involve examinations ranging from simple visual inspection with microscopes through to complex manual or automated processes with interpretation of the analytical results.

ZEISS offers hardware and software solutions that support the investigation of crimes and accidents.

Optical measurement of bones in forensic science

Optical investigative metrology

3D technology for crime and accident investigations

Optical measuring devices precisely record the actual size and shape of persons or objects and, at the same time, detects deformations of any kind. It then visualizes, analyzes and documents the results. In addition to the precise 3D image, they also records high-resolution color textures. 

Application examples for optical scanning:

  • Reconstruction of bone structures
  • Visualization of damage features
  • Reconstruction of objects from a scene of crime
Cartridge case under the microscope for forensic analyses

Ballistics and toolmark examinations​

Analysis of the effects of stress to materials surfaces​

Learn more on how light and electron microscope can help to investigate and analyze tools that are used at a crime scene. ​

Exploring forensic microscopy applications: from light to electron

Application examples for light microscopy:

  • Searching items of clothing for blood or other bodily fluids
  • Examination of tape lifts for fibres, hairs, debris, or plant material
  • Examination of striation marks on discharged bullets
  • Comparison of indentations left on discharged cartridge cases​
  • Comparison microscopy of toolmarks ​
  • Recovery of trace particulate from clothing
  • Visualization of fine detail in footware imprints

Application examples for electron microscopy:

  • Imaging and analysis of gunshot residue
  • Imaging and analysis of paint transfer and layer structures ​
  • Analysis of glass samples

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