Versatile 3D scanning solution for industrial demands​

Industrial 3D scanning technology

The ATOS series of industrial non-contact 3D scanners using structured blue light deliver precise scans with detailed resolution at high speed. ATOS was developed with advanced hardware and intelligent software for repeatable and precise measurements. Be it on the shop floor or in a measuring room, the flexible ATOS sensors tackle complex measuring and inspection tasks in different industries.


High-speed 3D scanning system for industrial applications, precise coverage of complex geometries.


For Automotive car body inspection

ATOS 5 for Airfoil

Tailor-made for gas turbine industry


The specialist for 3D scanning of large-volume parts

ATOS Compact Scan

Mobile scanner for versatile applications


The high performer of industrial 3D scanning

ATOS technology

The ATOS sensors are fully tailored to the metrological requirements of industrial users and provide absolute, accurate and traceable measurement data even under harsh conditions. The 3D sensors operate with structured blue light for contactless measurement.

Assured measuring data quality

The stereo camera setup provides the scanner with a built-in, sensor-controlled process reliability monitoring feature during measurement. The software gives the user continuous feedback on the calibration status, the transformation accuracy of the individual measurements, changes in the environment and part movements.

Live tracking

In addition to scanning entire surfaces, ATOS systems can also be used to measure movements and deviations in real-time. This is achieved through tracking, which relies on the stereo camera setup and the reference point system. The ATOS systems can track individual points or entire part geometries in real-time. They can also measure and track the alignment or positional deviation of a part from its intended position, making it simpler to replicate the virtual alignment in reality, such as on CNC machines.

Optical and tactile measurement

The Touch Probe combines full-field and tactile 3D measurements. It allows quick measurements in hard-to-reach areas, direct comparisons to the CAD, measurements of standard geometries, and online alignments. With one system including the powerful software package, you can perform both ATOS measurements and measurements with touch probes. No extra hardware like trackers is needed. This makes the measuring process fast and allows for easy switching between surface and point measurements.

Automated solutions: ScanBox

Customized 3D measuring machines for industries with high demands

Automated measurements with highest precision: ScanBox is an all-in-one solution for efficient quality control in production and manufacturing. The standardized 3D measuring machines cater to various applications and parts sizes, from locking hooks to complete car bodies. This comprehensive solution includes programming, automated digitizing, inspection, and reporting. With an intuitive user interface and the Virtual Measuring Room (VMR) as the central control and measurement planning software, the models are easy to use. ScanBox quickly provides fully automated full-field deviations between actual 3D coordinates and CAD data. Additionally, the ZEISS INSPECT software, part of the powerful package, extracts GD&T information, trimming details, and hole positions.


Effective tool for analysis

Operating with ZEISS INSPECT, the widely recognized standard in 3D metrology, our sensors seamlessly guide you through the complete workflow of scanning, inspection, and reporting.​

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