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ZEISS Retrofit

Performance Upgrade for your CMM

Latest technology, higher performance, more functionality, more user-friendly operation, lower repair costs: There are numerous reasons for retrofitting an older coordinate measuring machine. And best of all: It costs only a fraction of a new machine. Individual retrofit products from ZEISS give your coordinate measuring machine a second life and make it fit for the future.

  • State of the art - also in the future
  • Fewer downtimes - more confidence
  • Increased usability thanks to new features
  • Digital services also for older measuring machines
  • Many options - one language

How you can benefit from a retrofit

  • 60%

    time savings thanks to new functionalities.

  • 70%

    cost savings compared to new equipment.

  • <30

    year old CMMs can be retrofitted.

State of the art - also in the future

More complex components, shorter measuring times, huge amounts of data - the demands on coordinate measuring machines are constantly increasing. Older CMMs are now keeping pace with this - with a retrofit. An upgrade like this makes ZEISS CMMs fit for the challenges of the future.

Increased usability thanks to new features

Retrofit not only extends the service life. A new controller, connections for additional measuring systems and up-to-date software enable compatibility with the latest technologies. Advantage for the user: easier operation and higher productivity through more automation.

Many options - one language

Digitalization and connectivity do not stop at measurement technology. To achieve this, your CMMs must all speak the same language. A retrofit brings older CMMs up to date - this means, for example, that uniform databases and cloud services can be used for multiple locations and devices.

Fewer downtimes - more confidence

Over the years, it is possible that individual components of your measuring machine are subject to greater stress. A retrofit ensures that these components are back to the current series status even before they reach the end of their service life. For less downtime and fast service.

Digital services also for older measuring machines

Store data in the cloud, remote access, connecting different CMMs and protocols: What is taken for granted today was still the future 10 years ago. Retrofit from ZEISS upgrades your used CMM with the latest technologies and makes it ready for digital products such as ZEISS Smart Services.

Like new, but more cost-effective

A retrofit is worthwhile: It costs no more than a third compared to a new machine. And it can help to minimize repair costs. This pays off especially if the CMM is closely integrated into the production process, where a failure can lead to high follow-up costs.

From the update of the measuring software to the complete renewal including exchange of machine control, cabling and drive units - Retrofit offers almost unlimited possibilities to bring coordinate measuring machines back to the state of the art. Depending on the age and condition of your measuring machine, ZEISS retrofit products can be individually tailored to your needs - as individual upgrades or through smartly tailored upgrade packages from the Fit Family.

The possibilities are almost limitless

Exemplary illustration of various possible retrofit options. All options shown depend on the machine type and must be checked individually.
* Depending on device type.

ZEISS Tempar

High-precision monitoring of environmental conditions for reliable measurement results.

Available as Accessories

Measuring head*

ZEISS VAST gold measuring head as sensor carrier for dynamic scanning, roughness measurement or the ZEISS Articulating Stylus.
Alternatively, the ZEISS RDS sensor carrier can be used to mount optical sensors like a camera, e.g. for elastic materials, a white light sensor for high-precision contactless measurement or a line scanner, e.g. for scanning free-form surfaces.

Prerequisite: ZEISS SensorFit

Workpiece clamping

- Rotary table for extensive measurement in 4 axis without reclamping, e.g. of rotating parts*
- Automatic temperature detection on the workpiece - No more false results due to insufficient temperature detection
- Workpiece pallets with pallet changer for fast and efficient measurement in higher margins with integrated temperature measurement

Available as Retrofit Option

Control Panel

Wireless control panel for more comfort and ease of use.

Available as Retrofit Option

Probe Changing Magazine*

More space in the measuring volume of the machine thanks to the motorized ZEISS ProMax E changing rack with integrated chip recognition.

Available as Retrofit Option


Covers all four guide levels on the Y-guide beam and protects them from dust and dirt.

Available as Retrofit Option

Active Vibration Damping*

Retrofittable air dampers absorb floor vibrations when environmental conditions change.

Available as Retrofit Option

Control System

- Upgrade to enable digital services like ZEISS Smart Services
- AirSaver - Improve your environmental footprint by reducing air consumption.
- Monitor signal lights - Keep an eye on the machine and process even from a distance.

Available as Retrofit Option

Control Cabinet*

State of the art controller hardware - for improved uptime, reduced operating costs and increased reliability.

Included in ZEISS SensorFit and ZEISS FutureFit

Computer & Software

- New computer hardware, such as a larger main memory or faster processor, makes it easier to handle increased data volumes.
- Windows 10 Update
- New Software Versions and additional Software for increased performance

Prerequisite: ZEISS ConFit or ZEISS FutureFit

System furniture

Ergonomic, height-adjustable workstation.

Available as Accessories

Retrofit packages for all needs:

The ZEISS Fit Family

In addition to individual retrofit measures, depending on the age of the coordinate measuring machine and your requirements, three coordinated and interrelated upgrade packages are available to bring older coordinate measuring machines back up to the latest hardware and software standards. Individually adjustable options also open many additional possibilities: Use of new sensors, remote maintenance, latest AirSaver, PowerSaver and safety technologies, wireless control panel and much more.


For your individual requirements



The easiest upgrade for more functionality

The ZEISS ConFit package includes a firmware update as well as checks of the drives and sensor. ZEISS ConFit allows the CMM to be equipped with a rotary table, control panel and ProMax changing rack - if available for the machine. A parallel update of ZEISS CALYPSO not only ensures a faster measuring speed, but also greater ease of use.

Available for
ZEISS coordinate measuring machines manufactured from 2010 onwards.

ZEISS FutureFit

The advanced upgrade for older devices

ZEISS FutureFit allows you to retrofit many additional functions. This keeps your processes cost-effective and reliable. With ZEISS FutureFit, the CMM control (C99 types) is brought up to the current series status, thus enabling simplified and efficient service. It also serves as a basis for software maintenance contracts and extended software functions and enables you to use current and future software versions.

Includes ZEISS ConFit.

Available for
ZEISS coordinate measuring machines manufactured from 2000 onwards.

ZEISS PerformanceFit

The performance upgrade for excellent sustainability

This award-winning retrofit package increases productivity, halves energy consumption, conserves considerable resources, and reliably meets the latest safety standards.

With ZEISS PerformanceFit, older ZEISS CMMs like ZEISS PRISMO can be upgraded to meet the latest technological standards in changing environments. Extending the service life of your ZEISS CMM is a sustainable and cost-effective way to take advantage of the newest features.

Includes ZEISS ConFit and ZEISS FutureFit.

Available for
ZEISS PRISMO manufactured from 2005 onwards

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