Entry-level conventional SEM​


The do-it-all electron microscope ​combining data quality with intuitive operation​

The instruments in the ZEISS EVO family combine high-performance scanning electron microscopy with an intuitive, user-friendly experience that appeals to both experts and new users. With its comprehensive range of available options, ZEISS EVO can be tailored precisely to your requirements – no matter whether you are active in material sciences or routine industrial quality assurance and failure analysis.​

  • A versatile multipurpose solution
  • Best-in-class usability
  • Excellent image quality
  • Workflow automation and data integrity

ZEISS EVO for Industry​

Take your inspection to the next level.​

ZEISS EVO is the conventional entry-level system, with a tungsten or LaB6 based filament, for daily repeatable imaging tasks, e.g. high-resolution material analysis, with largely automated and supportive workflows. The system offers flexibility for less demanding structure sizes. ​

Fields of application​

  • Quality analysis and quality control​
  • Failure analysis and fractography
  • Materialography
  • Cleanliness inspection​
  • Morphological and chemical analysis of particles to meet ISO 16232 and VDA 19 Part 1 & 2 standards​
  • Analysis of non-metallic inclusions 

ZEISS EVO: The do-it-all electron microscope combining data quality with intuitive operation

Take your inspection to the next level. ZEISS EVO offers you a menu of configuration options to meet your exact price and performance requirements. Match your desired resolution to your application and choose from three chamber sizes.

You can also opt for high vacuum, variable pressure, or ambient pressure to suit your sample type. Then choose between SE, BSE, EDX, VP, and C2D detectors to suit your application. With ZEISS EVO, you enjoy the benefits of electron microscopy at an affordable price.​

Application examples​

  • Electronics​

    Debris and contamination are evident on the surface of an integrated circuit. Imaged with the SE detector in high vacuum at 10 kV.​

  • Fuel cells​

    Fuel cells typically consist of polymer electrolyte membranes sandwiched between platinum electrodes. These critical components need to be imaged at low voltages to ensure surface detail information is obtained at high resolution. Cross section with an LaB6 source (left) and tungsten source (right) at 3 kV. LaB6 source provides more surface detail at low accelerating voltages.​

  • Galvanized mild steel​

    Cross section of galvanized mild steel, imaged using the SE detector on ZEISS EVO 15. ​Left: mounting resin; middle: zinc layer; right: mild steel.​

  • Material analysis using X-ray spectroscopy (EDX)​

    BSE images of representative corroded surfaces with EDS map: chrome, lead, copper, nickel, carbonium, and oxygen.​

  • Failure analysis on the surface of a ball bearing​

    Surface of the ball bearing imaged with the BSE detector reveals cracking and flaking of the surface structure.​

  • Technical Cleanliness​

    Particle from a particle filter: technical cleanliness analysis and quality control.​

ZEISS EVO Scanning Electron Microscope – 10 Highlights in 90 Seconds​

  • Learn how the scanning electron microscope ZEISS EVO supports your routine inspection and failure analysis tasks in quality and material laboratories by enabling intuitive imaging even for novice users. EVO highlights: - High resolution imaging - Efficient operation - Chemical composition analysis - Large workpieces - Large area image acquisition - Non-conductive samples - EDX particle analysis - Automated measurements - Intelligent image segmentation - Image correlation and sharing​

Further applications for industry:

  • Phase, particle, and weld analysis ​
  • Visual inspection of electronic components, integrated circuits, MEMS devices, and solar cells​
  • Copper wire surface and crystal structure investigation​
  • Metal corrosion investigation​
  • Analysis of intermetallic phases and phase transitions
  • Imaging and analysis of microcracks and fracture strength
  • Investigations on coatings and composite materials
  • Examination of weld seams and heat-affected zones

With the ZEISS EVO, we find the needle in the haystack.

Johannes Bachmann,

is the expert for material analysis at INNIO Group. ​Download the flyer and read the full story.

Finding the needle in the haystack.​

Technical Cleanliness: INNIO Group analyzes the chemical composition of residual dirt particles using a ZEISS solution.​

Accurate, reliable results are important, of course, but so is getting them quickly,

says Thomas Schaupp,

laboratory manager at the accredited materials laboratory SPC. Find out how ZEISS EVO and correlative microscopy from ZEISS help the testing laboratory achieve 30% faster results.​ Download the flyer and read the full story.

Microscopy applications for quality assurance:

Customer examples and brochure from the industry for the industry​

  • ZEISS IQS, Mic and TCA, Success Story, INNIO Group, EN, PDF

    Pages: 7
    File size: 16 MB
  • ZEISS IQS, Customer story, SPC, Mic, Metallog, EN, Flyer

    Pages: 7
    File size: 17 MB
  • ZEISS SEM Brochure A4 EN PDF

    Pages: 19
    File size: 22 MB

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