ARAMIS 3D Camera
3D measuring system

ARAMIS 3D Camera

3D sensor for industrial research

ZEISS ARAMIS 3D Camera is a high-resolution optical 3D measuring system for performing full-field and point-based measurements. With high stability, process reliability and ease of use, the system is suitable for high-end applications in industrial environments and offers suitable configurations for a wide range of testing tasks.

  • Robust design for industrial applications
  • High resolution even for fast testing tasks
  • Ready to use
  • Time savings in test preparation
  • Optical displacement transducer and strain gauge in one

Optical 3D measurement of strain, deformation and displacement

Ready to use

Ready to use

The robust housing design gives the sensor stability while reducing the need for sensor calibration in industrial applications. An exchangeable camera frame as well as preset and certified lenses allow quick adjustment of measuring volumes and minimize setup time.

High resolution even for fast applications

High resolution even for fast test applications

State-of-the-art camera technology with high-resolution image sensors ensures a dense mesh of measuring results (high spatial resolution). That way, not only small strain but also local strain effects in large measuring areas can be measured. With the sensor variant ARAMIS 3D Camera SRX and an image recording rate of 335 images per second, even dynamic processes are captured in full resolution and reliable measuring results with a high level of detail are obtained.

Perfect integration into the test setup

Perfect integration into the test setup

Sensor control via the ARAMIS Controller guarantees stable communication between software and hardware and enables the integration of external signals into the ARAMIS project. The high-precision PTPv2 network protocol ensures that the devices involved in the experiment are synchronized in time, guaranteeing reliable measuring results even for complex material and component tests.

Digital image correlation and point tracking with ZEISS INSPECT Correlate



3D displacements and strains from movement data

Measurement, analysis and measuring reports with continuous data flow: Each ARAMIS system is equipped with the ZEISS INSPECT Correlate software, which supports you throughout the entire testing process. Using digital image correlation and point tracking algorithms, the software delivers highly accurate measuring results for surface changes in the form of strains, displacements or velocities.

ARAMIS 3D Camera systems

ARAMIS 3D Camera 12M

ARAMIS 3D Camera 12M

Sensor for a wide range of testing tasks

ARAMIS 3D Camera 12M is suitable for quasi-static testing applications from small material samples to large structural components. With a resolution of 12 megapixels and a maximum image recording rate of 25 fps at full resolution, the sensor offers the right performance to reliably determine material characteristics or to record and evaluate bending tests on aircraft wings, for example.



Sensor for high-end applications

ARAMIS SRX is a high-resolution 3D camera system for demanding measuring tasks which require both capturing an event in detail over time and capturing local effects. With an image recording rate of 335 images per second at full resolution, the sensor is suitable for measuring 3D displacements, rotations, speeds and accelerations in crash tests, among other things.

The narrow-band blue light can filter out interfering ambient light during image acquisition. The light sources ensure optimal illumination with short exposure times for all measuring areas from 10 mm x 10 mm up to 5 m x 5 m.

Meets every requirement

Blue Light Technology

Meets every requirement
Tracking spots for larger measuring areas

Designed to illuminate large areas up to 5 m x 5 m, the tracking spots are ideal for point-based measurements of 3D displacements, rotations, velocities and accelerations. The configuration with two light sources and reference point markers even allows for high-speed testing with exposure times in the range of microseconds.

Light projector for smaller measuring areas

The light projector is used for measuring areas of up to 500 mm x 500 mm and can be quickly and easily adjusted for different illumination areas. The Blue Light Technology ensures precise measurements in different test environments.


Automotive engineering

Automotive engineering

Whether e-mobility, lightweight construction or traditional vehicle development disciplines: With the 3D measuring data from ARAMIS, OEMs and suppliers can reliably meet the high requirements for safety, function and service life.



In the aerospace industry, ARAMIS has become an indispensable measuring system for the characterization of all materials, for prototype testing and for the evaluation of the stability of components and structural parts.



ARAMIS offers exactly the competitive advantage that companies need in such a fast-moving industry:
greater efficiency in product development, combined with fundamental expertise in materials and parts.

Medical technology

Medical technology

Optical 3D metrology provides valuable insights for research into new materials and the development of orthopedic implants and sports products.

Power & Energy

Power & Energy

ARAMIS provides precise measuring data on strains, displacements and deformations, which energy-producing companies can use to optimize their systems and ensure safe operation.

Civil engineering

Optical measurement technology is widely used in the field of civil engineering. It helps researchers get the results they need faster, more reliably, and at a lower cost.

Areas of application

Material characterization

Material characterization

The precise full-field ARAMIS measuring results improve the accuracy of material parameters. Existing evaluation methods are optimized and made more reliable, such as the determination of flow and forming limit curves. Some material tests are only possible because ARAMIS measurements are carried out with a non-contact method and the results have a high spatial resolution. They are used, for example, in tensile, shear, compression and three-point bending tests as well as in high-speed and temperature tests.

Testing of prototypes, components and structural parts

Testing of prototypes, components and structural parts

ARAMIS is used for stiffness analyses, vibration analyses, fatigue strength tests and crash tests.
The measuring results provide the basis for determining product service life predictions or load limits and for optimizing the geometry layout. During the load test, the system captures the real part geometry including the non-linear deformation behavior and allows direct comparison to FEM data.

Validation of numerical simulations

Validation of numerical simulations

The ARAMIS sensors provide information about material properties, component deformation behavior, and boundary conditions of test setups. These are input parameters for the simulation models as well as comparison variables for optimization and validation. The software enables the import of FE data from ABAQUS, PAMSTAMP, LS-DYNA and ANSYS, AUTOFORM as well as their 3D alignment in space and to the measurement data.

Technical comparison

ARAMIS 3D Camera 12M
ARAMIS 3D Camera 12M

Camera resolution

4096 x 3000 pixels

4096 x 3068 pixels

Frame rate (fps)

25 fps @ full resolution
43 fps @ 2496×2096 pixels (5M mode)
75 fps @ 1/3 image height
100 fps @ 2048×1500 pixels (binning mode)
150 fps @ 1/6 image height

Desktop PC RAM usage
75 fps at full resolution
115 fps at 2/3 image height
230 fps at 1/3 image height
480 fps at 1/6 image height
490fps in HD format (1920 × 1000)

Use of internal RAM (8 GB)
335 fps at full resolution
500 fps at 2/3 image height
1000 fps at 1/3 image height
2000 fps at 1/6 image height
1000 fps in HD format (1920 × 1000)

Measuring volume
Length x width (mm)


35 x 25 mm up to 5000 x 4000 mm

70 x 50 mm up to 5100 x 4200 mm

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