3D measurement system


Optical solution for forming analysis

ARGUS supports the optimization of sheet metal forming processes through reliable and precise measurements of surface strains on components. The System uses photogrammetry principles to determine a three-dimensional image of a component in order to evaluate its forming and validate simulations.

  • Fast evaluation of forming processes
  • Simple validation of simulations
  • Mobile solution for components of any size

Evaluation of forming conditions and surface strains

Holistic shape change analysis
Holistic shape change analysis

Holistic shape change analysis

ARGUS records 3D coordinates of components in order to evaluate forming conditions and surface strains of sheet metal components after forming. The System compares the measurement data obtained from the photogrammetry camera with the material's forming limit curve and determines whether areas are too deformed or are still within a certain tolerance range. Regardless of the size of the components, the optical sensor system captures surfaces holistically and generates reliable measurement data for the validation of simulations.

Simple optimization of forming processes

Simple optimization of forming processes

The optimization of sheet metal forming processes with regard to the correct choice of materials and optimization of tools is a decisive factor for competitiveness. The forming analysis system ARGUS supports such optimization processes particularly by convincing and precise results of the surface strain on the components. The ARGUS results are areal and intuitively interpretable.


Full-surface information on the deformation distribution

The measurement data generated with ARGUS can be displayed and analyzed in ZEISS INSPECT Correlate. Besides that, the software supports the free exchange of measuring results between colleagues, across departments and plants worldwide for further analysis.

Quick and easy to measure

Unlike conventional methods of deformation analysis, ARGUS offers a simple and fast measurement process and accurate results on deformation. Even complex and large parts can be measured within a short period of time.

Before the component is prepared, the measuring fields must be defined according to the desired area to be evaluated. This can include the complete component or specific critical areas that are known from the production process or from numerical simulation.
Measurement Planning
Before forming, sheet metal blanks are first labeled (verb) with a hexagonal dot pattern using electrochemical etching or lasers.
After forming, the sheet metal part is captured from different viewing angles by using the hand-held ARGUS system. Small and large parts can be measured very fast with the same hardware.
The measurement results provide full-surface information about the deformation distribution on the components, e.g. main and secondary deformation, thickness reduction, forming limit changes, formability, etc.


  • Tool try-out
  • Validation and optimization of forming simulations
  • Series production ramp-up
  • Material acceptance test (material batches)
  • Research and development to forming processes
  • Detection of critical deformation areas
  • Solving complex forming problems


ZEISS INSPECT Correlate offers a fast and efficient evaluation of shape change analyses based on the measurement data generated with the ARGUS photogrammetry camera.

  • Formability


  • Simulation

  • Parametric project templates

    Parametric project templates

  • Automated grid generation

    Automated grid generation

  • FLD / FLC
  • Formability
  • Simulation
  • Parametric project templates
  • User-guided data acquisition
  • Automated grid generation

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