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ZEISS ScanCobot is a mobile measuring station with a collaborative robot, motorized rotation table and powerful software. The system is especially suited for the efficient quality control of small and medium-sized parts made of plastic, metal or cast iron. It can be used during the pre-production phase, such as design and prototyping, as well as during the market launch.

  • Mobile measuring station with collaborative robot
  • Created for a wide range of tasks
  • Reproducible measurement results and reduced operator influence

ZEISS ScanCobot accelerates processes in product development

Fast implementation of serial measurements

The ATOS Q optical 3D sensor quickly captures detailed information on the product quality of small to medium-sized parts placed on a motorized rotation table. To capture them completely, the ATOS sensor scans them from different directions. The Blue Light Equalizer enables high-speed fringe projection and is so powerful that short measurement times can be achieved even on uncooperative surfaces.

Mobile and space-saving

Mobile and space-saving

ZEISS ScanCobot is particularly space-saving thanks to its small dimensions. Thanks to its low overall weight, the mobile measuring station can be moved directly to the location of the next measurement. To comply with market-specific safety regulations, the system can be supplied with a standardized safety housing.

Accelerates processes in product development

Automated production control

With ZEISS ScanCobot, fast and simple prototyping can be realized, toolmaking and testing can be supported and pre-production can be accelerated. The quality control and quality assurance of the final product can be optimized accordingly. Small and medium-sized parts can be measured efficiently so that quality problems can be quickly identified, analyzed and rectified.

Virtual measuring room

Virtual Measuring Room

ZEISS ScanCobot is programmed fully automatically via the virtual measuring room (VMR). In it, the real environment is functionally represented in a virtual simulation. The VMR consists of a robot with a sensor, the programming, including the kinematics of the robot paths, the component and the measurement plan. Thanks to the VMR, the user does not need any special robot expertise. All robot movements are simulated in the virtual measuring room before execution and checked for safety.

Created for a wide range of tasks

  • Additive manufacturing

    Additive manufacturing

    Accelerate product development and launch with high-resolution polygon meshes (STL files) for 3D printing, milling, additive manufacturing and dimensional inspection

  • Casting and forging

    Casting and forging

    Shorter measuring and testing times in sand casting, die casting, investment casting and the forging industry

  • Plastics


    Optimization in all phases of injection molding, blow molding and thermoforming

  • Metal forming

    Metal forming

    Effective quality control from tool production and testing, first article inspection and serial inspection to assembly


Effective analysis tool

Scanning, inspecting and reporting: Evaluate nominal/actual comparisons as well as shape and position tolerances. Implement necessary corrections directly thanks to easy-to-understand results. With ZEISS INSPECT, you can carry out complete analyses, receive comprehensive reporting and integrate measurement results into existing processes

It is good to have a fast technology that can both measure a part and carry out series inspection.

Dr. Jörg Gerken

Founder and Technical Director, rapid manufacturing GmbH

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Technical information


975 x 775 mm

Power supply

Standard, 100 - 240 V (1-phase, 16 A)

Max. part size

Ø 500 mm

Max. part weight

100 kg

Sensor compatibility


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