Car body

Increasing Efficiency in the Press Shop

Multidimensional measurement technology for sheet metal inspection

Inspection of surfaces and sharp edges

In modern press shops, press machines shape and cut flat sheet metal to produce the various body panels that make up the structure of the car body. Pressing tools are used to form the sheet metal into the desired shapes for various body parts - side panels, doors, hoods, roofs and other body components are created. After pressing, the sheets are often cut to size using cutting tools.

The challenges of quality, flexibility, decreasing batch sizes and availability must be met in order to increase overall system effectiveness. Greater efficiency in the pressing plant means, among other things, reducing scrap and minimizing the amount of reworking required.

ZEISS has developed comprehensive solutions and a reliable inspection workflow for sheet metal components, enabling the validation of surfaces and sharp edges.

The measuring systems combine precise measurements and flexibility so that they can be used in measuring rooms as well as in press shops and harsh production environments.

Automated quality control

Inspection of complete sheet metal components

To ensure higher throughput (more parts in less time, optimized planning) and better repeatability for more process reliability, industrial production processes require automated measuring cells. As a complete supplier of industrial measurement sensors and parametric evaluation software, ZEISS opens up new ways for standardized and centralized inspection with traceable workflows.

Gauges and measuring fixtures

Measuring fixtures facilitate the inspection

Rigid components are measured with the non-contact digitizer without clamping fixtures, because the alignment of the measuring data to the CAD data in ZEISS INSPECT is controlled by RPS points. To digitize the sheet metal component in its free state, the component is only recorded once and deformations can then be measured and visualized. Due to the data density, different alignments are possible, which contribute to quick problem solving in the analysis of sheet metal assemblies. When measuring clamped sheet metal components, the non-contact measuring methods enable an adaptive measuring concept, making costly gauges superfluous. A single measuring fixture can be used, for example, as a replacement for six measuring gauges. As this device can be used for several components at the same time, it not only saves storage space but also production time.

ZEISS measurement technology

to increase productivity in the press shop

Virtual clamping

Virtual clamping simulates the clamping of components in ZEISS INSPECT and makes it possible to calculate the clamped state using the data of the real component in the unclamped state.

Process monitoring in cycle time

ZEISS ABIS III is a customized solution for fully automated surface inspection in modern press shops and future-oriented car body manufacturing.

Metal forming

Multidimensional measuring systems from ZEISS are used in stamping, bending, drawing, pressing and forming process chains for end-to-end quality assurance.

Forming analysis

Forming analysis is a process to evaluate the forming states and surface strain levels of sheet metal components after press forming.

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