Microscope and measuring machine in one.

ZEISS O-INSPECT duo offers two technologies in one machine: large workpieces such as PCBs, fuel cells or batteries can be both measured and inspected in high resolution in their entirety. The combination of 3D measurement technology and microscopic inspection increases efficiency and saves space in quality laboratories. ZEISS O-INSPECT duo is available in the size 8/6/3.

  • 2-in-1: Microscope and measuring machine in one device​
  • Fast and precise 3D measurements – optical and tactile​
  • High-resolution optic with additional inspection software ZEISS ZEN core

First multi-technology system from ZEISS

As a 'VMM microscope', ZEISS O-INSPECT duo covers two essential applications in quality assurance: Precise measurement and high-resolution inspection of large or many small components. The device has also been specifically developed for applications where a combination of dimensional measurement and inspection is required – including segmentation, stitching and image processing with color images. Instead of having to acquire both a VMM and a microscope, only one device is needed in quality laboratories, saving space and system costs. Find out more about further advantages of the multifunctional device for the respective areas.​

Precise measurements – optical and tactile

Precise measurements – optical and tactile​

High accuracy for flat and sensitive workpieces​

ZEISS O-INSPECT duo is a multisensory measuring machine and impresses with its high-resolution optics paired with the ZEISS VAST XXT tactile scanning sensor. The sensor enables fast and accurate 3D measurements by capturing a large number of measuring points in a single movement. ​

Very small or sensitive parts can be measured without contact and with excellent accuracy as well as a significant reduction in measuring time thanks to ZEISS VAST probing (ZVP). This is possible thanks to the large field of view with high image resolution and outstanding image fidelity, even in the peripheral areas.

Surface inspection and measurement on one machine

Surface inspection and measurement on one machine​

VMM today, microscope tomorrow​

In addition to measuring the dimensions, many workpieces also require surface inspection. Where previously two separate devices were used for measurement and inspection, ZEISS O-INSPECT duo now offers a 2-in-1 solution. Thanks to the intuitive operation of the device and the high-resolution 5 MP Discovery.V12 scout 160 c color camera sensor with 12x zoom lens, inspection tasks can now also be covered on the measuring device. In addition to the usual use with ZEISS CALYPSO, the machine can also be used for microscopy tasks with the ZEISS ZEN core software.

Our largest microscope​

Our largest microscope​

Inspecting large parts as a whole

Cutting up components is a thing of the past: The optical inspection of large workpieces such as PCBs, fuel cells or batteries is now possible in their entirety. This saves valuable resources and time as well as reducing sources of error caused by moving fragmented workpieces back and forth between different systems. ​

In addition to the inspection of large parts, ZEISS O-INSPECT duo is also suitable for the automated inspection of many small parts. This means that the measuring microscope only needs to be loaded once - the inspection itself is then carried out in a single step without changing the individual samples.​

High-resolution 5 MP color camera

High-resolution 5 MP color camera

Detecting defects accurately​

While black and white images provide high contrast differences in measurement technology, color images offer an advantage in microscopic analysis: With 5-megapixel image resolution in color, even small defects are depicted clearly and enable precise inspection and evaluation. ZEISS O-INSPECT duo can be used with the familiar ZEISS ZEN core microscopy software.​

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Discover the details
Discover the features of ZEISS O-INSPECT duo​
Large field of view with high image definition​

The ZEISS Discovery.V12 scout 160 c camera sensor with 5 MP ensures a high resolution and enables the visualization of the smallest details and structures thanks to the 12x zoom. The large field of view of 16.,1 x 12 mm allows more information to be displayed per image. The color camera enables precise microscopic analysis and at the same time ensures consistently precise results in metrology thanks to the high resolution of 5 MP.​


The ring light is comprised of an outer and inner ring with white LEDs that can be individually controlled in 16 segments. The device also has a coaxial uplight and backlight, enabling the analysis of a variety of applications and workpieces.​

Quick and precise 3D tactile measurements​

ZEISS VAST XXT makes high-accuracy scanning possible by capturing a large number of measurement points in a single movement, providing accuracy from 1,5 µm + L/250 µm.​

Large stage​

The stage with 800 x 600 x 300 mm enables the measurement and inspection of large workpieces with up to 100 kg weight, without having to cut, destroy or machine them before measurement. Alternatively, several small parts can also be inspected automatically thanks to the large stage.

2 software products​

ZEISS CALYPSO offers improved visualization options to save you time. CAD models can be displayed superimposed, and possible deviations (ACTUAL to TARGET) can be identified quickly. Thanks to a variety of options, ZEISS CALYPSO also offers the right tools for special requirements. ZEISS ZEN core is the counterpart for microscopy: In addition to classic imaging, the software suite also includes imaging, segmentation, analysis, and data connectivity tools for multi-modal microscopy in connected laboratory environments and production.​

Professional and actionable reports​

ZEISS PiWeb reporting offers one-click documentation and visualization of your measurement data, giving you useful insights into your parts and processes.​

Optimal contrasts

In addition to coaxial uplight and backlight, ZEISS O-INSPECT duo also offers various control options for the ring light. The inner and outer LED rings can be switched on and off separately or only activated in individual segments.​

Analysis of membranes, compositions, seals, coatings, and solid material​

Inner and outer LEDs​

The ring light is made up of inner and outer LEDs in white color. The combination of inner and outer LEDs results in maximum illumination of your workpiece.

Inner LEDs

Inner LEDs​

The inner ring light increases contrasts in the surface texture, leading to improvements such as better focusing – for even more precise measurement results.​

Outer LEDs

Cell frame

The LEDs of the outer ring light make it possible to filter out interfering ambient light. This provides benefits such as illuminating colored materials with high contrast.​

Segment lighting​

Segment lighting​

The ring light consists of 16 segments that can be controlled individually. This ensures optimized lighting in accordance with the properties of your workpiece.​

Ergonomic and convenient to operate​

ZEISS O-INSPECT duo not only has to meet the highest technical standards in terms of quality, reliability and speed – it also has to be safe, ergonomic and easy to use. The technical excellence of our components only comes into full effect if the product can be easily operated as intended. That is why we have equipped ZEISS O-INSPECT duo with helpful features.​

Optional pallet​

Optional pallet​

The optional pallet is suitable for flat workpieces and enables easy transportation as well as secure fixation on the machine.​

Removable front cover​

Removable front cover​

Thanks to the removable front cover, ZEISS O-INSPECT duo can be conveniently and easily transported to the desired location and optimally positioned via lift truck.​

Control panel holder​

Control panel holder

The control panel holder can be flexibly positioned on any side of the machine, ensuring optimum accessibility and operability.​

CALYPSO or ZEN core? Both.

ZEISS O-INSPECT duo has two dedicated software programs with specific functions for microscopy and metrology tasks. Operators from the respective fields therefore do not need to learn a new software.

ZEISS CALYPSO for optimized quality control​

ZEISS CALYPSO for optimized quality control​

Combined with ZEISS CALYPSO, ZEISS coordinate measuring machines tap into their full potential. Optimize your quality control: The software supports you before, during and after the measurement. Measure and analyze your workpieces with a range of different functions and get the most out of your coordinate measuring machine.​

    • Automatic creation of inspection plans from PMI:​ ZEISS CALYPSO automatically creates inspection plans based on PMI data including all relevant features and characteristics.​
    • Versioning of varying inspection plans:​ You can trace back all of your steps as all inspection plan variants are versioned. You do not have to work with various copies since everything is managed directly in the inspection plan.
    • Implementing and optimizing measuring strategies​: The integrated generation tool is used for measurement strategies to apply company-specific measuring strategies or to optimize your inspection plans based on recommendations by ZEISS.​
    • Powerful visualization of measuring results: With ZEISS PiWeb reporting, ZEISS CALYPSO offers an integrated professional tool for protocol design to create meaningful visualizations of your measuring results.​
    Multi-modal, connected microscopy with ZEISS ZEN core​

    Multi-modal, connected microscopy with ZEISS ZEN core

    ZEN core handles more than just microscopy imaging: The software is the most comprehensive suite of imaging, segmentation, analysis, and data connectivity tools for multi-modal microscopy in connected material laboratories. It also offers extensive functions such as tiling, stitching (interferometry) and automatic error detection.​

      • One Interface for all ZEISS microscopes: ZEN core provides you with a unified user interface for ZEISS microscopes and cameras. Perform multi-modal workflows and connect all imaging and analytical data between systems, laboratories, and locations.​
      • Advanced imaging and automated analysis:​ ZEN core is your command center for setting up automated imaging, segmentation and analysis functions of compound light microscopes.​
      • Infrastructure solutions for the connected laboratory: ZEN core provides the infrastructure for connected laboratory environments and unifies all your ZEISS imaging and microscopy solutions in a single user interface.​

      Technical details




      ZEISS Discovery.V12 scout 160 c, 5 MP color camera, 2646 x 2056 pixel​


      16 segment LED ring light with white LEDs, coaxial uplight and backlight​

      Working distance in mm​


      Mechanical zoom​

      12 x

      Field of view max. in mm​

      16,1 x 12​

      Compatible tactile probehead​



      100 kg​

      Accuracy tactile and optical​

      1D: 1,5 μm + L/250​

      2D: 1,8 μm + L/250 μm​

      3D: 2,2 μm + L/250 μm​


      ZEISS CALYPSO (for metrology)​

      ZEISS ZEN core (for microscopy)

      Application examples​

      Watch the application videos and see how different workpieces, such as medical plastics, bipolar plates or printed circuit boards are being measured and inspected with ZEISS O-INSPECT duo.​

      • Measurement and inspection of electronic components with ZEISS O-INSPECT duo
      • Measurement and inspection of bipolar plates with ZEISS O-INSPECT duo
      • Measurement and inspection of medical plastics with ZEISS O-INSPECT duo
      Michael Zeller

      In microscopy, we now have much more space to look at components and no longer need to cut samples

      Michael Zeller

      Senior Manager Test Equipment Monitoring & Measurement Technology, Zollner Elektronik AG

      Watch our demo recording with features, software and best-practices

      Experience O-INSPECT duo in action and watch our product webinar for interesting insights from our product managers, software demonstrations and a first statement from one of our pilot customers. In this session you will learn how combining microscopy and metrology in one single device will improve your quality assurance processes.


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