Scanning probe for highly precise measurements

The ZEISS VAST XXT tactile scanning probe enables precise scanning with the ZEISS RDS articulating system and is suitable for a wide range of applications.

  • Flexible scanning on the RDS
  • High degree of measuring accuracy
  • Compact design


Probe head in combination with ZEISS RDS

Flexible use for a wide range of applications

There are numerous cases where users would like to combine the flexibility of an articulating system with scanning capability. ZEISS VAST XXT is ideal for such tasks.

Compared to switching probes, ZEISS VAST XXT increases the operational reliability and accuracy of the measurements, but also expands the measurement pallet to include scanning functionality and thus provides information on the form of the features.

ZEISS VAST XXT probe head in application

Compact design

The compact and lightweight design of the scanning probes on the articulating system requires different probe modules. With three modules, ZEISS VAST XXT covers the typical stylus length range for this probe design.

This sensor accepts lateral styli up to 65 millimeters It is also suitable for permanent installation.

Success stories

Quality assurance makes your heart beat faster

Quality assurance makes your heart beat faster

CardioBridge ensures its quality with ZEISS O-INSPECT and thus guarantees the perfect interaction of the precisely matched 50 individual parts.

Quality increased – measuring time shortened

Quality increased – measuring time shortened

Jamco Aerospace increases quality and efficiency in the company with the use of ZEISS solutions and thus gains new customers on top.

Reliability and quality of measurement results increased

Reliability and quality of measurement results increased

Robert Bosch GmbH tests complex geometries directly in production, thereby achieving higher quality and reliability.

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