The CMM all-rounder

With a length measurement error from 0.9 + L/350 µm, ZEISS PRISMO is the flagship among ZEISS CMMs and a synonym for precision measurement. It achieves reliable and reproducible results at high measuring speeds.

  • Computer-Aided Accuracy (CAA) for maximum precision
  • ZEISS VAST Performance package for faster measurements
  • Probe variety thanks to multi-application probe system technology (ZEISS mass)
  • Time and cost savings with ZEISS Articulating Stylus

Computer-Aided Accuracy (CAA)

Best results guaranteed

Computer-Aided Accuracy (CAA) corrects all static and dynamic influences on the device to achieve maximum accuracy even during high-speed scanning. The faster calibration and proven long-term stability of the concept ensure improved economic efficiency.

ZEISS VAST Performance package

For maximum productivity

The ZEISS VAST Performance package consists of ZEISS VAST Navigator and ZEISS FlyScan. ZEISS VAST Navigator uses automatically generated measurement strategies to shorten the travel path while maintaining accuracy and selecting the optimum scanning parameters. With FlyScan, interrupted contours can be measured without loss of speed or accuracy, with a reduction in measuring time of up to 70% compared to using standard programming with standard parameter selection.

Multi-application probe system technology (ZEISS mass)

Multi-application probe system technology (ZEISS mass)

Maximum flexibility through probe diversity

ZEISS PRISMO is equipped with ZEISS mass technology as standard. The CMM is therefore compatible with a wide range of ZEISS probes in order to be able to perform a wide variety of measuring tasks – whether optical or tactile – on the same machine.

ZEISS Articulating Stylus

ZEISS Articulating Stylus

Time and cost savings

ZEISS Articulating Stylus can reduce the number of stylus combinations and system changes. In addition, measurement is possible in all orientations – with probes up to 200 mm long and stylus tip diameters from 1 mm. Each angle position between +135 ° and -135 ° can be freely and continuously selected after calibration.

A new era begins with ZEISS PRISMO

More than just a facelift: The products in the ZEISS PRISMO family have been completely redesigned. With numerous upgrades, safety, economic and environmental efficiency, flexibility, ergonomics and, last but not least, productivity have reached a whole new level. By adjusting the scanning parameters and doubling the scanning speed (from 150 mm/s to 300 mm/s), productivity was increased. At the same time, the noise level was reduced by 34%. From an energy-saving controller and a control console with a new design to automated safety mechanisms and improved probe compatibility – the products in the ZEISS PRISMO family are more powerful than ever before.

A new era begins with ZEISS PRISMO ultra
  • Productivity is increased by adjusting the scanning parameters with the general doubling of the scanning speed (from 150 mm/s to 300 mm/s). New safety laser scanners also enable significantly faster measurement than before – while reliably maintaining high safety standards, as the scanners automatically reduce speed when they detect people or objects in the safety zone. The ZEISS VAST Rotary Table Axis (ZVRA) option also ensures higher productivity. Axis definition on a rotary table now takes just 16 seconds with this function – a time saving of 75% compared to standard methods.

  • All CMMs in the ZEISS PRISMO family are certified by the internationally recognized German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV). To further increase safety, additional innovations have been introduced, such as the adjustable side panels. By reducing the distance between the moving parts to less than 4 mm, the crushing hazard is reduced. The safety laser scanners also detect the coordinate measuring machine’s surroundings and automatically reduce speed as soon as people or objects are detected in the defined zone.

  • With the built-in ZEISS PowerSaver, the CMM is automatically disconnected from the power supply when not in use. Users can set the activation of the function individually and define specific downtimes, which reduces power consumption. The new ZEISS C99m controller ensures further savings. It has a slimmer design and reduces power consumption by 64% compared to the previous model (in an internal test comparison between the old and new controller). In addition, ZEISS AirSaver ensures that the compressed air is switched off after a preset time.

  • Control via the control panel ensures easy monitoring and operability. When not in use, it can be conveniently stored in the new control panel holder. Most of the switches were also transferred directly from the controller to the control panel. In addition, a new cover on the front ensures a reduced distance between the operator and the measuring volume, which is easier on the operator when loading heavy components.

  • ZEISS-mass technology enables a wide variety of probes with ZEISS PRISMO. Thanks to the new ZEISS C99m controller, the CMM is now also compatible with two additional probes: ZEISS ROTOS (roughness sensor) and ZEISS LineScan (optical probe), for even more operational flexibility.

More sustainability in your measurement processes with ZEISS PRISMO

At the heart of every machine use is energy consumption, which plays a key role in the active utilization phase and has a significant impact on the environmental balance. Thanks to its energy-saving functions and a newly developed, energy-efficient control system, ZEISS PRISMO is a prime example of efficient resource consumption in the field of industrial measurement technology. The ZEISS PRISMO family stands for durability and sets new standards in terms of precision, speed and sustainability.

The new ZEISS PRISMO family is equipped with the new C99m control unit, which reduces power consumption by 64% compared to previous models.
More sustainability in your measurement processes with ZEISS PRISMO
With the ZEISS PowerSaver feature, the machine is disconnected from the power supply when not in use and power consumption is reduced to zero during downtimes. Users can define the activation of the ZEISS PowerSaver at specific times.
More sustainability in your measurement processes with ZEISS PRISMO
ZEISS AirSaver ensures further savings and automatically switches off the compressed air after a preset time.
More sustainability in your measurement processes with ZEISS PRISMO

Success Stories


A Comprehensive Portfolio for Certainty and Productivity.

Manufacturing technology from GROB is used by more than two thirds of all manufacturers of electric cars. The Bavarian family-owned company has earned this market leadership role mainly through its rigorous quality standards. That is why GROB has relied on the comprehensive portfolio from ZEISS for many years.


New-generation ZEISS PRISMO CMM cuts measurement program time by 74 %

Technical data

Accuracy from

0.9 + L/350 µm

Temperature range


ZEISS mass technology

Retrofit of older models possible

ZEISS PowerSaver

ZVRA and ZVR compatibility

ZVRA (optionally available)

Glass ceramic scale

Robax ®: Resolution 200 nm


7/9/5 - 16/42/14

Different sizes for a wide range of applications
Different sizes for a wide range of applications


Different sizes for a wide range of applications

ZEISS PRISMO is available in different sizes. From the smallest version with a measuring range of 700 x 900 x 500 mm to the largest version of this coordinate measuring machine with a measuring range of 1600 x 4200 x 1400 mm.


  • ZEISS PRISMO Family Brochure, EN

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  • ZEISS Articulating Stylus Whitepaper, EN

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  • Gear Metrology Specifications, EN

    Pages: 6
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