Tactile probes

Tactile probes

For a high accuracy and various measuring tasks

Tactile probe heads on the CMM

Tactile probes are the right choice when a very high degree of accuracy is required. In tactile measurement technology, the surface of the component is measured point by point or, depending on the probe, scanned at high speeds. ZEISS offers a wide range of tactile probe heads to provide the right solution for your application.

Single-point measurement vs. ZEISS scanning technology

Scanning enables faster and more precise measurements, as more points are measured in less time than with single-point measurement.

Single-point measurement

When measuring with single-point probes, only individual points are measured. The stylus must then be moved and the process repeated. The conditions between the measuring points are calculated by interpolation, which can lead to measurement deviations. Measurement with single-point probes is suitable for low throughputs and large tolerances. A combination with ZEISS RDS is possible.

Scanning technology

During scanning, the probe moves smoothly and continuously, measuring hundreds of points along a path in a very short time as the stylus moves over a surface. This workflow not only delivers significantly more data with a higher throughput, but also enables huge time savings.

Scanning probes are suitable for high throughput rates with an excellent degree of accuracy.

Single-point measurement
Scanning technology
Discrete-point measurement vs. scanning technology

Advantages of an integrated scanning workflow

While the ratios between the individual points are determined by interpolation in single-point measurement, scanning technology can capture significantly more data and achieve greater measurement reliability and accuracy. The high scanning speed enables a higher measurement throughput and as many parts as possible can be checked for deviations. Faster scanning also means that fewer coordinate measuring machines are needed and problems are detected more quickly, reducing scrap and reworking of workpieces.

Active scanning

As the inventor of tactile scanning, ZEISS takes this technology to the next level with the innovative concept of active probe heads. Real-time controllable force coils and electromagnets make it possible to exert the lowest effective force on the stylus at any point along the scanning path and to follow the actual geometry. ZEISS thus enables fast and precise scanning with greater flexibility than ever before.

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