Your digital access point to all metrology services

ZEISS Metrology Portal

Your digital access point to all metrology services

The endless search for the right services is a thing of the past. You can find the services you need anytime in the ZEISS Metrology Portal – including quick downloads of new software versions, easy registration for training, and much more. See for yourself!

Stop searching. Start finding.

The ZEISS Metrology Portal offers customers a broad spectrum of extra services – and most are completely free. Take advantage of the numerous benefits these services have to offer you, including 24/7 availability, faster and easier work routines, and much more!

ZEISS portal: availability

Access all metrology services – Whenever you need them.

The days when business relied on fixed working hours are gone. We know that you work at your own pace, and that every day is different. That’s why you can now access all the metrology services ZEISS has to offer around the clock – with the ZEISS Metrology Portal.

ZEISS portal: efficiency

Working more efficiently is just one click away.

Had enough of slow, complicated processes? We can help! The ZEISS Metrology Portal offers you everything in the same place, including easy downloads for new software versions, booking training online, a fast ordering process for ZEISS products, and much more. See for yourself, and save valuable time!

ZEISS portal: overview

Keep an eye on your ZEISS products and services.

Looking for a better overview of your hardware and software? Then we have just the thing for you. The ZEISS Metrology Portal offers you an easy way of maintaining an overview of your products and systems. See for yourself, and make your work more transparent!

ZEISS portal: efficiency

Tackle everyday measuring issues by yourself.

Would you like to take charge of your own work and be independent? Then you’ve come to the right place. The ZEISS Metrology Portal helps you help yourself – by creating a clear structure for all the services you need, in the same place. See for yourself, and boost your feeling of independence!

Services in the ZEISS Metrology Portal

The ZEISS Metrology Portal provides a wide range of services that are being continually improved and expanded. Sign in directly on the ZEISS Portal. The availability of the individual services depends on the country.

  • Download Center

    Download Center

    Download full versions of the right software, updates, or additional documentation and get information about upcoming software releases.

  •  License Manager

    License Manager

    Activate ZEISS software licenses for your measuring systems. If you have a valid software maintenance agreement, you can request the licensing information to update your ZEISS software licenses.

  • My Systems

    My Systems

    All systems at a glance: access and manage information relating to your systems and software. Additional features are available if you have a software maintenance agreement.

  • Academy Metrology

    Academy Metrology

    Make learning a daily part of your work. Find e-learning courses, training videos, and training dates online.

  •  Service Requests

    Service Requests

    Create a request for technical assistance and get an overview of previously submitted requests.

  • Community


    Join our #measuringhero community and discuss your questions and experiences with other users.

  •  Metrology Shop

    Metrology Shop

    Just grab it online. Order styli, machine accessories, and measuring lab equipment – it’s quick and easy in the online shop.

  • Center Finder

    Center Finder

    Find your local ZEISS Quality Excellence Center and learn about our measuring services. We’re here to support you with your measuring jobs.

  • My Voice

    My Voice

    Do you have an idea that could help us improve our software and services? Share your ideas, discuss with other users, and vote for the best innovations.

  • Smart Services

    Smart Services

    In the age of industry 4.0, connectivity is key. Monitor the availability of your machines with ZEISS Smart Services – anywhere, and in real time.

  • Smart Services

    Sales Contact

    Search and find the right ZEISS contact whenever you need them. Get contact information that makes it easy for you to get in touch with us.

  • PiWeb Cloud

    PiWeb Cloud

    PiWeb Cloud lets you store your measuring data easily and securely and analyze it from wherever you are. Configure and manage your PiWeb Cloud subscription online – test it for free for 90 days.

  • Measuring Hero Game

    #measuringhero game

    Who can achieve the highest score? Play the #measuringhero game to collect as many ZEISS products as you can and avoid negative influences on your measurements.

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ZEISS Metrology Portal

ZEISS Metrology Portal

Your digital access point to all metrology services